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Diabetes doesn't play nice

To be honest, we all know diabetes rarely, if ever, plays nice. I was thankful it had been on its best behavior in recent months so I shouldn't be surprised it laughed in my face and threw a massive curveball at me. 

I traveled to Orlando in February for my employer's International conference as part of crew. It was an incredible experience and a lot of hard work. Seriously. Work days began at 6 am (so you know we were up earlier getting ready) and we usually didn't return to our rooms until midnight. I'm already looking forward to the 2019 conference. 

Despite the long days and hard work, my diabetes wasn't an issue. We arrived on Tuesday and I didn't have my first "oh crap" low until Friday morning. It wasn't anything severe but my mind was started to get hazy. I grabbed one of the cans of coke from one of the many tables filled with soda choices and stepped outside into the beautiful warm sunshine to drink it. And in an hour lunch was served so t…

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