Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pump vacation reflections

I wrote earlier this month about taking a vacation from my pump. I recently returned from that vacation and thought I'd share my thoughts about it. 

As mentioned earlier, my family and I headed to Turks & Caicos. It was amazing. Beyond beautiful. Unfortunately the Nor'easter caused strong waves and what not in the ocean which went all the way down to Turks & Caicos. Not a huge deal but it resulted in a red flag everyday for the ocean. The red flags meant no snorkeling, no sailing, no scuba diving, no stand up paddle boarding, etc. Have no fear though. Plenty of time was spent in the sun by the pool. 

I wore my pump and CGM until around 3:30 in the morning when we took off. I checked my blood sugar and bolused for my breakfast which I ate as I removed the CGM and pump from my body. I waited until I got to the airport and through security to visit the ladies room to test and take my Lantus. My blood sugar before leaving was 135. At the airport it was already in the mid-200s. Yikes! I couldn't get the first insulin pin to work or the second one. I finally tried a new pen needle and it all worked. Phew. 

While traveling all day I stayed on top of my blood sugars and took lots of corrective insulin. My brother-in-law mentioned that it takes awhile for the Lantus to build up in your system and I probably shouldn't have waited until the very last minute to remove my pump and switch to injections. 

I checked my  blood sugars quite often throughout the trip and took quite a few corrective doses. Only a handful of times did my blood sugar reach the 300s but thankfully never went above 392. The lowest blood sugar I had was 73. I would have preferred to stay between 80 and 140 but I knew going in my blood sugars would be wonky and not nearly as greatly controlled as when I'm on my pump.

I struggled with carb counting. Especially with the alcoholic beverages. My beverage of choice? Frozen lemonade with vodka. Yum! Most of my counting was of the SWAG method. SWAG -- Scientific Wild Ass Guessing. I tried to load up on the cheese slices at breakfast for protein and the fact I wouldn't have to bolus for it. Except for about three breakfasts and the desert for one dinner, everything was a la carte. I think this helped immensely because I wasn't tempted with a ridiculous amount of food options at the buffets. Because with buffets there are times when you just want a tiny nibble of this and that and things you want to try you've never had before. It all piles up and next thing you know you are taking all the insulin in the world. 

My endocrinologist sent me to Turks & Caicos with six insulin pens of Novolog. She was worried six wouldn't be enough. I didn't even completely use one pen. I felt she was enabling me to eat and drink whatever I wanted. So I took advantage of that and found myself at the American themed restaurant which had cotton candy during the day. It was delicious. I should have drank more alcohol though. I'm a slacker in that regards. 

She also sent me with three Lantus pens and I didn't even completely use one. I am not complaining as I feel fortunate to have this extra insulin. I get where she was coming from though. We set my I:C ratios and Lantus doses but we didn't know how my body was going to adjust, what I would be consuming and how much corrective insulin I would end up needed through the week. Better to have too much insulin than not enough. 

I returned home late on a Friday evening. I stayed on the shots until I had completed breakfast Saturday morning. By lunch time my blood sugars were kicking ass. Yay! I didn't put a new CGM sensor on my body until Sunday evening after dinner though. I waited because I wanted to make sure my blood sugars were stable on Saturday with switching back to the pump before putting a new sensor on. Then Sunday became a little crazy so I waited until I ate dinner. 

By Monday morning I was beyond thrilled to be hooked back up on all of this stuff and I'm definitely appreciative of how much easier it makes controlling this disease. However, I loved my week not being hooked up to it all and I wouldn't second guess taking a pump vacation again in the future. As long as I'm returning to sunshine and water and warm temperatures. 


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stitch Fix number seven

I received my seventh Stitch Fix the week of Thanksgiving. As I mentioned in my last review, I was pretty excited because I requested items for my upcoming Caribbean vacation. I wasn't sure what they would come up with considering it is winter time and they probably didn't have a large amount of beach wear available to choose from. But I wasn't worried because I've almost always been pretty pleased with the fixes they've sent. 

Even though I had a date planned for that evening, I had enough time to at least open and take a quick glance at everything. I requested a "resort evening wear" dress to wear one night at dinner. My family gets pretty dressed up for these dinners because it is fun to dress up when you usually don't get to. I had purchased a dress a few weeks prior at my favorite local boutique (and also had one from there which I bought for a date that didn't happen) to wear. I also found a beautiful dress at The Loft to take. Additionally I ordered two dresses from Francescas but knew I was going to return one and was undecided on the other one. The decision hinged on what Stitch Fix sent me. 

Here are the two dresses they sent me: 
Side note: I left the paperwork that comes with the fix at home so I'm not able to tell you what the brands are. I'll update later this week. Sorry! 

The long maxi dress was very soft but it was just wrong. I'm short...barely five feet tall. That much pattern over my entire body looked horrible. It was just bad. Not flattering at all. Also, there were two strings to tie into a bow at the waist but they were just randomly attached to the dress. The strings didn't cinch the waist or anything. It was also far too casual for our evening dinners. Verdict: Return

The dress on the right was dressier and has beautiful colors. Although again, not a huge flowery person but it the flower pattern wasn't overwhelming for me. I tried it on and nope. As is often the case, far too big on the top half for me. There was also an oddly placed snap where the dress meets in the middle below the chest. Why? You don't need to unsnap it to put the dress on or anything. The snap confused me. When I looked in the mirror from the front and from the side I just didn't feel beautiful. If I had, I would have easily taken it to the tailor to be fixed prior to the trip. Verdict: Return

I had also asked for a casual outfit to wear on an excursion or sightseeing. They sent me two shirts for consideration: 

The shirt on the left. I loved the color of it. In fact, when I provided feedback on my fix I told them so and encouraged them to send me a different shirt of that shade of blue. I hemmed and hawed over this shirt. It fit great and didn't look bad on me. I just wasn't sure about the cowl type neck. I'm not a huge fan of the cowl neck. I could easily wear the shirt with shorts, jeans or even a casual skirt and even to work. Ultimately, I called my mom on FaceTime to get her opinion. She wasn't sold on the shirt and said "I've seen better." Verdict: Return

The shirt on the right  is beautiful. I loved the navy and white. It has a unique middle section of the front where there is a layer underneath of the dark blue held closed with  hooks and buttons. The pattern is nice too. It is also a shirt my oldest sister would absolutely love. I tried it on and it was far too long. If it was any longer or if I was far more promiscuous I could consider wearing it for a mini-dress. Also, I prefer fitted or at least slightly fitted because the loose cuts like this shirt make me look boxy and sometimes pregnant and that is not a look I'm going for. Verdict: I was sad I had return it. 

The last item they sent was this necklace:

It is a cute necklace. I liked it at first sight. When I tried it on it I was sadden because the chain is so short the necklace doesn't have much dangle to it. Since I had already decided to return the previous four items I decided to keep the necklace so I wasn't out my twenty dollars. This is the first time this has occurred. I have already worn it several times though, so that is a plus. And who knows. Maybe I'll take it on vacation with me. 

So, that was my seventh fix. My next one should arrive in mid-January. In my note to the stylist for the next fix I requested another pair of Just Black jeans from one of my earlier fixes as well as appropriate winter clothes for dates (should I ever get another date) in the climate I live in. I requested no outerwear though. 

The other thing I requested? I requested for one of my first two stylists because they did a great job. The very first one was spot on with my style although her fix wasn't the most successful due to sizes. Not her fault. The second stylist...she got me. She was near perfection. I'm hoping to be reunited with one of those stylists for my next fix and if so I will continue to request them each time. 

This fix was indeed not a winner but many of my previous ones have been. (Go back and read those on the blog). I realize I have a unique body for clothes (my tailor continually informs me I have a very, very special body) and I'm not always sure of my sizes so I can't blame Stitch Fix for those issues. They are certainly trying. I also think because my first several fixes were so amazing I have built very high expectations for my future fixes. I need to reign that in because otherwise I'll rarely be pleased. I also think due to the surge of business (because really, it is an amazing service/company) they are potentially going through growing pains. 

If you haven't already experienced Stitch Fix and want to, I'd love it if you use my referral link: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3392664https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3392664

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pumping vacation

I've been dreaming of sunshine, warmth, sandy beaches, blue waters and a plethora of adult beverages a lot lately. Granted, I'm almost always dreaming of some of those items (no, not the beverages). If I spend too much time thinking about sunshine and warmth and sandy beaches, I become disappointed with myself because I have yet to determine a way to make my permanent location somewhere with sunshine, beaches, warmth and blue water. The reasoning for these things consuming my mind lately is it is time for my December getaway to the Caribbean. 

And it cannot come soon enough. 

My family shall visit the beautiful islands of Turks & Caicos. And like all of our previous Caribbean vacations the days will be consumed by lounging at the pools and beaches, playing in the water and drinking. The evenings will be filled with dressing up for dinners, enjoying quality time with each other and just relaxing. 

My pump isn't waterproof and it probably shouldn't sit out in the strong sun for hours and hours. Before I agreed to go on my pump, this was one of the things I was concerned about. How was I supposed to enjoy the sun and the water if I had to have something attached to me all the time? Could I still wear a bathing suit because if I'm out in the sun I'm going to have minimal clothing on to maximize the opportunity to improve my tan. Duh. 

I did some research online and saw several blog posts about "pumpcations." They were a slight comfort. Before completely agreeing though to the pump, I interrogated my doctor and the Medtronic sales rep. I specifically discussed in-depth about my family's Caribbean vacation. From the research and interrogation, it was confirmed it was possible, if I so chose, to stop using my pump. 

And here we are with my trip quickly approaching. 

My beloved endocrinologist left for a fellowship in the summer. I saw the other one in her office in September and laid the ground work for my vacation. He said, yes, I could go off it and to visit him in less than three months to make a game plan (and for him to give me free insulin pens). The appointment was scheduled for November but I didn't see him. Apparently they scheduled me with a visiting P.A. from another hospital. I'm not complaining as she was pretty awesome. I could tell she took the time to read my medical records and notes from my previous doctors. I hope I am able to continue to see her until my original endocrinologist returns...if she returns

I explained to her the purpose of the appointment and also gave her an intense overview of my plans for this trip (laying out, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, maybe even scuba diving). She agreed, it was best to switch to the pens for the trip considering how little I would probably actually wear my pump. 

And so, she and I determined what I should take for my long-acting (Lantus) insulin and my insulin (Novolog) to carbs ratio. I'll upload the info from my CGM and meter on the Wednesday before I leave so she can do a final review of our plan and make any needed adjustments. She even gave me some free insulin pens to make sure I wouldn't run out while on the trip. I still had several from my pre-pump days which don't expire until 2015 and 2016.

I'm excited to be pump and CGM free but I'm also terrified. I know my control won't be nearly as great. Having had such an amazing control for the past year I need to remember this and not get worked up and stressed if my numbers aren't perfect. Easier said than done. 

I'm also confident that by day two of the trip I will dearly miss my pump and CGM and be anxious to have them back. The other thing I am confident about is my body will be thrilled to have a break from all of the insertions as I'll be able to use often ignored areas for my injections (arms, butt, legs). 

Have any of you ever taken a vacation from pumping? Any advice for a newbie to this concept?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Adorableness overload

As promised yesterday, I am going to share what I consider to be amazing collages of my puppy Rocky, my one and only true love. I created these on November 12 to celebrate him turning seven years old. I hope you can fully handle his awesomeness and adorableness. Because I barely can and I live with him. :) 

This collage is from the first year I had with him. The two pictures with him on the blue-green cushion were when he was about nine weeks old. The middle picture on the top row was from dog training and he met his first girl friend. I have a picture somewhere of the German Shepherd with its arm/paw wrapped around Rocky. Please note how the toys were just as big as he was. He weighed a pound and a half when I got him at the age of eight weeks. The bottom row are pictures from his first snow, his first birthday and his first bath. 

Birthdays also mean holidays! Here are pictures of him celebrating Christmas, Easter, Cinco de Mayo and Valentine's Day. The picture on the far right in the middle row is him sitting next to all of the loot he got for Christmas in 2013. Such a spoiled puppy. To have nine pictures I added a picture of him in the winter time snow (same one as above, oops) as well as a picture of him sleeping in, a common occurrence on holidays.

Now that he is seven, he has grown up so much. He almost always has a smile on his face. These are some of my favorite most recent pictures. He loves riding in the car. He also, for such a tiny face, has an enormous tongue.

I think all of these pictures help should just how adorable, awesome, amazing and precious my puppy is. And yes, I tell him everyday he is perfect.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time flies

Last week was a busy week. Mainly because November 12 was Rocky's 7th birthday! I can't believe he is getting so old. I'm in no way prepared for this. I'll post the awesome photo collages I made tomorrow in a new post. The week was also busy because I had quite a few things going on with meetings, a hair appointment, college football, etc. 

What I neglected to remember though is November 11 is an important day. November 11, 2013 is when I started on my pump. Holy crap, time flies by. I can't believe I've been up and running on a pump for over a year now. 

This experience has been wonderful. I'm gaining amazing control of my diabetes. Seriously. My pre-pump a1c was nearly 15. The three I've had since then? 6.8, 6.7 and 5.8. Bam! I feel like a rock star seeing those numbers. The pump and CGM have assisted me in catching high and low blood sugars before they became too high and low. It still takes a lot of work and the pump/CGM combo isn't a miracle or a new pancreas but it certainly helps ease the mind and lowers the amount of stress I have on a daily basis. 

I'm still not overly enthused or thrilled about having all these gadgets attached to me. I relish the short time between changing my infusion site and CGM. The tubing of my pump can annoy me like no other when I'm trying to get dressed and there is no where for the pump or when I'm trying on new clothes to potentially buy. I'm quite envious of my sister's OmniPod but I love Medtronic. Medtronic, if you are reading this, please get to work on creating your own tubeless pump. 

Sometimes the CGM acts up and constantly beeps at me for being high or low when my blood sugars are perfectly fine. I've had screaming fits filled with snark at my pump/CGM when this occurs. Especially in the middle of the night. There may have been one or two times when I wanted to rip it all out of my body and throw it all against the wall. Don't worry, I didn't. 

With all of that said, the benefits far exceed the negatives. If I have to put up with an annoying tube at times to have such great control and to be healthy, I can deal with the tube. Also, I have an amazing pump trainer who has taught me how to deal with these little things. I love how even a year later I'm still able to text/call/email her with questions or even good news (again, the a1c). 

November 25 is the one year anniversary of starting on the CGM. I might have to celebrate. Maybe some froyo. 

So, here is to one year of successfully pumping and to many more years. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stich Fix catch up -- fixes four, five and six

I've been horrible about blogging about my fixes from Stitch Fix. Things have been busy, I've had other things I've wanted to blog about and the summer was traumatic with my phone breaking (to no fault of mine), being replaced, the replacement breaking (again, not my fault) and being replaced. Pictures of my fourth fix were on the broken phone which didn't back up correctly. I'm still traumatized by this as lots of great pictures, texts, etc. were lost. 

With the holiday season rapidly approaching (or is it already here?), I wanted to check you all up on the goodies I've received from Stitch Fix and hopefully provide more reasoning to why you should sign up and/or sign someone you love up for it. Side note: Let's be honest, if you are going to sign up I'd love you to the moon and back if you would use my referral code: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3392664

Now all of that has been said, let's get down to the good stuff. The contents of three fixes I have neglected to blog about. Get yourself cozy because this is going to be a long blog. 

Stitch Fix #4: 

Alright, the pictures I took were lost in the chaos of my phones breaking. I hope none of you have to experience what I went through. It is traumatic. So, I've taken pictures of the lovely styling cards. It was this or no blog. 

First up, we have the Zayn Paisley Dot Print Fit & Flare Dress by Mystree

I wasn't sure about this dress just looking at it. I was concerned with the fact the pattern was over the area I try to hide...my stomach. But my rule is to try everything on because you just never know (remember the off white dress from fix number two? Perfect example). I tried it once and kind of liked it so I set it aside. I tried it on the next night and liked it a little more. Verdict: Keep!

The next item was the Halia Striped Pleated Skirt by Pink Martini

At first sight, it was love. I loved the colors and design. Of course I loved the fact it was a skirt as well since I prefer skirts and dresses to wear over pants and shorts. I was excited to try it on. I knew there was little chance I wouldn't keep it. And then I attempted to try it on. I couldn't get it on. So I looked at the size. They sent the wrong size. I did my best not to cry but I was quite sad I would have to send this back. If Pink Martini is out there and reading this, I would give nearly anything to purchase this dress. Hit me up please. Verdict: Unfortunately returned it. 

The next item was the Shoshana Cowl Neck Cotton Tank by Three Dots

Hmm, a white shirt. Without sleeves. Not so thrilled with it at first look. But I tried it on. Not bad. I tried it on with numerous skirts I have. It worked. I could easily pair it with a cardigan or jean jacket to cover my arms. Verdict: Keep

The fourth item is the Callie Denim Jacket by Kut From The Kloth

This stylist obviously gets me. A jean jacket is a must have item for me in the spring, summer and early fall. It easily goes with dresses and skirts when I want to cover my arms, especially for work. Sorry, I have a thing against bare arms in the workplace. Unfortunately, I had just purchased a new denim jacket from The Limited a few weeks before. I tried it on though because I liked the look. It didn't fit quite right though so I was unable to justify keeping it, especially since I just bought a denim jacket. Verdict: Return

The fifth item was the Sandra Layered Pearl Flower Necklace by Bay to Baubles. I don't have a picture of it. It was along the lines of a statement necklace. It wasn't bad but there was a slight tangle with one of the flowers so it didn't lay flat. In the five minutes of looking at it, the tangle was killing my OCD. I couldn't handle it. Verdict: Return 

Alright, so that was the fourth fix. Let's examine the fifth fix now. 

With my fifth fix, I asked for a colored blazer to wear with my numerous black shirts. I'm not one for jackets but my PR mentor often wears them and I admire her style. I'm trying to branch out of my comfort zone with Stitch Fix so I thought I'd ask. Unfortunately, they did not have a fun color blazer for me. Instead they sent me the Colbie French Terry 3/4 Sleeve Blazer by Tart:

I skeptically raised my eyebrows when I first looked at it but I tried it on. There were shoulder pads. And the 3/4 was a little longer on my short arms. You can see the coloring of it in the closeup picture on the right. While trying it on, it reminded me of a long, large cardigan or jacket you'd see a traditional grandpa wearing. Verdict: Return

Next up was the Raylin Vneck ABstract Print Dress by Mystree:

Like the blazer, I was skeptical. It fit well except in the chest area. Because it was so large in that area, you could easily see my breasts. I don't think that would fly at work. Also, the print on the dress wasn't as flattering as I would like. Verdict: Return

They also included the Ishara Lace Detail V-Neck Blouse by Daniel Rainn:

It was a beautiful color and nice fabric. I liked the detail on it as well. When I tried it on, it was too a little large and made me look quite boxy in the stomach. I don't want to look like a square box. I want to look pretty. Verdict: Return

Next up was the Layna Textured Fit & Flare Dress by Pixley:

I was unsure of it but tried it on. It actually looked cute on me and was comfortable. I put it in my maybe pile because I just wasn't completely sold on it but couldn't figure out why. I tried it on the next day and still wasn't sold on it. While looking at it later that day I realized what was off about it. It reminded me of something Thelma from Scooby-Doo would wear. The style of the dress is my style just not the print. Since I wasn't completely sold on it, I kept it in the maybe pile by its lonesome self. Verdict: Ultimately, I decided to return it. 

The last item in my fix was the Walt Striped Skirt by 41Hawthorn:

At first glance, it was cute. I tried it one and it was comfortable despite being a tight fitting material/design. Think pencil skirt, just shorter. When it was time to send my returns back, I decided to keep it rather than lose my $20 stylist fee. To feel my best in it though, I will be wearing some spanx. 

So, fix five was definitely a let down. But that didn't keep me from ordering my sixth fix

The sixth fix was far more stressful than any previous fix and took a little bit of the sparkle off of Stitch Fix for me. I actually contacted Stitch Fix while waiting for my fifth fix about needing a dress for an awards banquet on October 16. They were wonderful and assisted me in getting another one scheduled for October 10 while I was still waiting for my fifth fix. October 10 came and went and I hadn't received any shipping information. I frantically ran to the mall and bought a dress at Ann Taylor for the event. I talked back and forth with customer service about the bind I was in because my fix wasn't going to arrive as scheduled. I really never have occasions to dress fancy so if they sent something along those lines I probably wouldn't have the opportunity to wear it again and the fix would be wasted. I asked if they could overnight it and they informed me that no, they couldn't. My fix arrived on Tuesday. My event was on Thursday. Cutting it very, very close. Good thing I had my Ann Taylor dress. 

For the awards banquet they sent me the Bradie Vneck Belted Sheath Dress by Andrew Marc

Um...LOVE! The color is amazing. With the right accessories it would be perfect for the banquet. With simple accessories, I could wear it to work or other nice events. I tried it on and my smile faded. The dress fit except on the top. You could have fit a 20 pound turkey between my back and the back of the dress. I talked with my mom that night and showed her via FaceTime the dress on me. She informed me a tailor would be able to fix the dress but most likely not before the banquet. Again, good thing I had the dress from Ann Taylor. Verdict: Keep and get it to the tailor

To go with the dress, they sent me the Laila Double Pouch Clutch by Urban Expressions

I was unsure at first because I have a cute shimmery, ivory clutch from Coach. Casual yet dress. But then I examined the clutch. And it wasn't too expensive. It seemed like a great investment for my wardrobe. Verdict: Keep

Next was the Bixby Clover Print Blouse by BRIXON IVY:

I loved this. It is absolutely my style. The fit wasn't perfect though. It was tight in the shoulders to the point I was worried it might rip as I moved my arms around. Verdict: Return

They also sent the Drifter Graphic Floral Faux Leather Trim Blouse by Eight Sixty:

Oh no. Just at first glance...not my style. On the hanger, to me, blargh. On me, same reaction. Just no. Verdict: Return

Last item was the Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser by Margaret M:

These are fantastic. There are no zippers or buttons. They remind me of yoga pants, just dressier. They are called cropped but they went to my ankles with a slight bunch. They have a slight "skinny jean" design so perhaps the word cropped should be replaced with skinny. Just my thoughts. For high waisted, they aren't that high. They went just above my belly button. Verdict: Keep

So, those were my last three fixes. Despite having one absolute horrible fix the others weren't too bad. My next one is scheduled for Nov. 25 with a request for items for my trip to Turks & Caicos. I'm excited to see what it will contain.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Checking in on my birthday resolutions

One year ago, I wrote about hitting the taking ownership of my life. Or at least of my diabetes. Part of taking ownership of at least my diabetes coincided with my birthday. I'm not a fan of my birthday. In fact, I wouldn't hesitate to say I despise it. We can explore that topic another time. I tend to have low-key birthdays focused on cheering my Huskers on to victory. One thing I always do though with my birthday, and usually completely on my own and at the end of they day is to make my "New Year's Resolutions." I rarely discuss them with others and tend to just internalize them. This past January though, I put them in writing on this blog. They were official. Yikes! I could no longer fail. 

So, let's check in with those resolutions I made last year for my birthday. 

Resolution #1 -- Improve my diabetic health. 

Success? Yes. Absolutely! 

Before starting my pump in November 2013, my a1c was dangerously high, hanging out with the number 14, hovering towards 15. Not good. Not good at all. I've had three a1c tests since starting my pump. Those results? In order were 6.8, 6.7 and 5.8. Having three in a row with those great numbers show these numbers are a trend, not a fluke. Highs are rare occurrences and when they do happen, I catch them early and am able to quickly correct. I still have lows and those pesky, scary lows still occur randomly. In addition to great numbers, I'm feeling better overall. It is a wonderful feeling. 

Resolution #2 -- Consistent workouts

Success? Not so much.

I hit a groove for awhile where I went hard on the treadmill for at least an hour at least four times a week. Then, life got busy and I forgot to make it a priority. Starting this new year of my life, this needs to be a priority. I'm not happy with the weight gain from the pump. I need to reflect and determine what will work best for me and how to stay at it. As always, any advice it welcome. If I put the drive I put into improving my diabetic health, I think I can accomplish this resolution. 

In conjunction with working out was eating healthy. I'm doing a really good job at this. I should work to continue lowering my carb intake but man, carbs are delicious. And it is frustrating that a fresh apple usually has 17 grams of carbs. But after seeing the nutritionist, I do know how many carbs I should consume a day and I'm definitely below that, minus a time here and there eating out with friends. 

Resolution #3 -- Earn my APR

Success? Um, YES! Hello, have you not been keeping up with this blog? I'm surprised you didn't hear me screaming from the rooftops (because really, there are not mountain tops to scream from in Oklahoma) about it. Any yes, I absolutely bought my Louboutins. I should really blog about them. As well as some recent Stitch Fixes. I apologize, I've been slacking on the fashion themed posts. 

Resolution #4 -- Being more involved professionally

Success? Kind of. I'm trying to be a more active participant with PRSA and AWC. I've served on a committee and have talked with current leadership about being more involved. It is a slow process but that is okay. Things can't always happen overnight. 

So, what are my resolutions for this birthday year? 

Well, obviously to get back on track with improving my weight. Maintain my diabetic health. I think I want to be a better home owner. As in, I want to make some small upgrades although I'm not sure what yet, to make the house feel like mine. Also, I really should finally paint and decorate the interior. Part of me also wants to focus on trying to find that partner in crime to potentially, eventually settle down with but the other part of me is over that and getting hurt and has become content to just be the crazy old chihuahua lady (you know I'm not having a house full of cats). I'm conflicted on which path to take in regard to this aspect of my life. I know I don't need to figure it out at this exact moment but I know I should figure it out sooner than later.  

Here is to another year. One that is hopefully as successful if not more than my previous year.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall means...

There are many things we think of when we think of fall. Leaves changing colors (and falling), apple cider, pumpkin painting, football (my favorite!) and of course the start of holiday decorating. Not just for Christmas but people go overboard for Thanksgiving and especially for Halloween.

But for me, fall signifies the start of baking season. Not just cookies and bars but pies, breads, cakes, muffins and more. 

Personally, I love baking. I hate cleaning up after baking though. I find baking relaxing. The reason I find it relaxing is because you have to follow the recipes. If it calls for a specific amount of baking soda, you can't just add more or less. I don't fully understand it all, but that is how it is. It is like a science. This helps me relax because I have to focus on the recipe at hand and my mind isn't able to wander. It isn't able to wander and worry and stress about anything and everything going on in life. Because it can't wander, I am at peace. It is a wonderful thing. 

I also have a rule to help my baking. Only bake when you are happy. If you are in a foul mood, what you bake is going to taste like crap. If I'm not overly happy but at least not down in the dumps, I'll still bake. And within five minutes, I'm happy as can be. 

If you remember, I shared about my hoard of cookbooks and my goal to try to cook at least once from each one I own. I've been slacking on my challenge. And blogging. Seriously, life has been busy and kind of stressful. I apologize. Over the past few weeks though, I tried out another cookbook I have. I picked KitchenAid Baking Basic. I've had several recipes bookmarked to attempt. And finally, I decided to make two of them. 

The two items I made were the soft beer pretzels and oatmeal s'mores cookies. Both turned out to be delicious. 
Yes, I made a Husker "N" pretzel!
The pretzels were incredibly easy to make and not too time consuming. The hardest part of making them was dipping them in warm water with baking soda for 30 seconds and trying to flip them in the water. Some of my pretzels started to come apart in the water. I'm sure my skills and assembling them aren't the greatest. Give me time. I enjoyed them while watching football games and as bedtime snacks. Still trying to determine if I can freeze them after baking because I wasn't able to consume them all before they started to go bad. They taste great with the Old El Paso beer cheese dip (in the Mexican aisle of your grocery store). Also the nacho cheese that comes in a tin can. I made these again when my parents visited with my mom. This time we made them as pretzel sticks. That would be perfect for a football watch party. 

The oatmeal s'mores cookies were not as simple. You had to cut and freeze the marshmallows. Lesson from this was to always make sure you read the entire recipe before starting it. My cookies turned out nothing like the picture in the cookbook but wow, they were delicious. 

If you were wondering about carb counting, the pretzels turned out to be 25g per pretzel and the cookies were 16g per cookie. Of course it varies based on how many you get out of each batch. 

This weekend, my Huskers do not have a football game. I'm not quite sure what to do with all of the free time. I know I want to bake though, especially since I have my CAB meeting the following weekend. Has anyone baked from Hello, Cupcake! or What's New, Cupcake? because I'm thinking of finally trying to make something from one of those. Suggestions?  

And because I'm in a super nice mood, here is the recipe for the oatmeal s'mores cookies:

  • 2/3 cup mini-marshmallows
  • 2 cups old-fashioned oats
  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar
  • 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) butter, softened
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 egg 
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanillas
  • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • 3/4 cup coarse chocolate graham cracker crumbs
  1. Cut marshmallows in half. Spread on baking sheet; freeze 1 hour. 
  2. Preheat oven to 350 F. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper.
  3. Combine oats, flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt in medium bowl. Beat brown sugar, butter and granulated sugar in bowl of electric stand mixer at medium speed until well blended. Beat at high speed until light and fluffy. Add egg, honey and vanilla; beat at medium speed until well blended. Gradually add flour mixture; beat just until blended. Stir in chocolate chips and marshmallows. 
  4. Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls onto prepared cookie sheets; sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs. Bake 14 to 16 minutes or until puffed and golden. Cool 5 minutes on cookie sheets. Remove to wire racks to cool completely. 
Note from Kristin: Um, I didn't use the chocolate graham cracker crumbs they specified. I actually used traditional graham cracker crumbs. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An overlooked treasure

September is winding down and with all the chaos this month has brought for me I've neglected to write this post. In case you didn't know, September is International Women's Friendship Month. 

What started as just a day of celebration has grown into a month of celebration. Kappa Delta Sorority created this day in 1999. Ten years later, it became a month long celebration. 

To quote the IWFM website
Ask any woman--there's something special about her friendships with other women. Our female friends know us better than anyone else. They are there to listen, to console, and to encourage. They are our loudest cheerleaders and our most compassionate confidantes. Our women friends come in a wide variety--sister, mother, neighbor, childhood playmate, college roommate. We make connections at the playground, the workplace, the gym, and over the proverbial back fence.

The friendship among women can easily be overlooked because true friends are always there for each other. It can be overlooked because most women are social creatures and when looking at a glance, there is no shortage of friends for them. At times it seems these friendships can be taken for granted. They shouldn't be but alas they are. 

For me, this is an important month that serves more as reminder to go out of my way to appreciate the friendships I have already established and perhaps step out of my comfort zone to attempt to initiate a new friendship. 

I've always been a social person although as I get older my social butterfly personality has calmed. I've moved all over the Midwest creating friendships in each location I've resided. It is painful each time I've moved to leave behind those friends. Especially as I get older because I just don't want to have to start from scratch again finding new friends and inserting myself into established social circles. From my experience, the older you get, the harder it is. I also have an irrational worry of imposing or being a burden on people so I tend not to initiate get-togethers. Speaking of, I really need to get a book club set up because I miss my previous book club. A LOT!

With each move it is hard to maintain those friendships. Thankfully, email, text messages, social media, etc. help immensely. I remember the days when I went to diabetic camp and we had to be legit pen pals. How exciting it was to receive a letter in the mail. A wonderful friend, who by the way is a TWO-time Ironman finisher, and I have recreated that and randomly send each other little notes here and there. You are welcome United States Postal Service. 

I'm beginning to ramble about how friendships change as life changes. As you move away from friends, it becomes so much easier to neglect or forget about the friendships you've already established. And that is how this month serves as a great reminder. It reminds me appreciate my friends who I don't see on a routine basis. It reminds me to reach out and at least say hi. The really strong friendships are the ones where it doesn't matter how much time goes between communicating because it always seems as if you just talked the day before. 

As I scramble to send small notes to my friends across the country (although I'm confident I won't get to everyone even though I love them all), to at least say hi, I encourage you to do the same. Even if your friends are just across town, it doesn't hurt to randomly send a text or to call and say hi. Perhaps see if they want to grab a drink or go get your nails done. Sometimes that small hi can be the highlight of their day, especially if life has been so busy you haven't had a chance to talk lately. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It is time...

It is time to get serious. I've mentioned here and there in various blogs about my need to lose weight. I'm not happy with my current weight or how I look. Granted, the disgust I have for my body relates to more than society informing me of how we should all look like Kate Upton (who, to be fair, is beautiful and she should not be shamed for that fact.)

Here is current situation. For several years I worked hard and got my weight to where I was comfortable with it and was happy with how I looked. Sure, I wanted to look better but I didn't hate myself. 

Following the day of seizures in 2012, I was placed on anti-seizure medicine. Seemed like a good idea but it turns out I am allergic to that medicine. I went from a steady 115 pounds to about 85 founds between mid-March and mid-July. You could see my rib cage. My hip bones were sticking out. Size 00 shorts were falling off. It was ugly. I was ugly. I loved being skinny but even I was aware I shouldn't be that skinny. 

They took me off the medicine and encouraged me to not really pay attention to what I was eating and to not stress about working out. My weight steadily increased but not at a fast enough pace to send me into a tizzy. Then I was placed on the pump and my weight dramatically (to me) jumped. And here we are. Back at not liking how I look. Being disgusted when I look at myself in the mirror or in pictures. If you are curious to why I find myself disgusting it is from being sexually harassed and assaulted in college. No matter what others tell me, no matter what I try to convince myself of, these men picked me to act upon because I was fat. They must have seen it as a free pass. They probably thought "Well, she's fat and not that good looking. She'll consider it her lucky day to have this attention because no other man is going to touch her." And when I look at myself in the mirror, I don't ever want to look like that again. To me, if I look like that again, I lose. I lose my right to be safe. I lose. If I look like that again, I lose and they have justification for doing what they want. 

So, my quest to lose weight might be somewhat vain but when you get to the foundation of it, it isn't vain. It is a psychological battle. 

And that brings me to the purpose of this blog post. It isn't to whine and throw a pity part of what I've experienced. The point of this post is to ask you all for help. Tell me what has worked for you in efforts to lose weight. I have friends on Twitter encouraging me to try Weight Watchers. What else? I love carbs. How can I cut them out? I'm a picky eater. How can I learn to try and like new foods, healthier foods. Such as cauliflower. I try to walk for an hour a night on my treadmill. Is that enough? What else can I do? How can I counter the weight increase for the increase of insulin from the pump?

I need all sorts of advice, tips and feedback so please leave it in the comments. Share this post with others so they can share their advice, tips and feedback.

I need to get back to my comfort zone if for no other reason than to have my mind back in a peaceful place. And the vain part of me also wants to be back in my comfort zone so I can wear a swimsuit again in December when my family returns to the Caribbean. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The lowest of low blood sugars

Low blood sugars happen. Low blood sugars are not fun. Sometimes they are easily manageable. Sometimes not so much. And sometimes a low blood sugar strikes and after you've recovered you're left to wonder how did that happen and how the heck did you manage to recover. Thankfully, those aren't often but then again just one occurrence is one too many. 

This past Saturday should have been a great one. It was opening day of college football for my team. Go Huskers! The plan was simple. Wake up, put on my game day gear, watch College Gameday on ESPN, do some laundry and then settle in and cheer my team on to victory. Saturday apparently didn't receive a copy of my plan for the day though because instead the following happened. 

I woke up and was groggy. Right away I knew my blood sugar was low. And then I panicked. I assumed I slept through my alarm clock. I started to think it was Saturday night. That I missed the Nebraska game. Or it was Sunday or even Monday. I had no clue. So, I tried to climb out of bed in order to get to the kitchen to test and have some juice. My body vetoed that decision. 

I barely pulled my head up from the pillow before it immediately dropped back down. I couldn't lift it. I tried to move my arm to my nightstand to at least get my phone and learn what time (and day) it was. I couldn't really move my arm. It just flailed in the air. My other arm was going numb under my stomach as I laid in bed. I attempted, unsuccessfully, to toss and turn in bed to get my body moving so I could get out.

In my attempts to determine the day and time, I grabbed my pump off my pj shorts. I had no success with that because I couldn't get it towards my face. So I gave up. And I tried to clip it back onto my shorts. No dice. If the survival of mankind was on me being able to clip my pump back on, mankind would no longer exist. I had absolutely no control of my muscles or body. 

And then the alarm clock on my phone went off. Success! I knew what day and time it was. It was only 8:30 on Saturday morning. With all the focus on my arm and hand I somehow managed to hit snooze on my phone and let out a sigh of relief. Eight minutes later it went off again. I focused with all my might and was able to actually grab my phone and drop it on my face before getting the alarm completely turned off. 

I was making progress. After laying in bed awhile longer I thought maybe I would have the strength to get out. No dice. I wasn't even able to shimmy to the edge of the bed. By this point of the morning I was starting to fade in and out of consciousness. Or I was going delirious. Either or. I'm not sure. I know at several points I just screamed as loud as I could. I screamed "HELP!" even though there was no one around to help me. I cried quite a bit as well because I was beginning to feel doomed. I knew what was wrong and what I needed to do but I couldn't do it. I started imagining that I started a group text with people but none of them could come help. One was the man I went out with the night before, one was a PR colleague who I rarely speak to in NYC and another lady I barely know on the south side through a local PR colleague.

Eventually I was able to roll my body out of my bed and onto the floor with a boisterous thud. It hurt like no other but that was the least of my concerns. I tried to pull myself up to my knees and lean on the bed to get onto my feet. Each time I attempted that, I collapsed back down onto the floor. So, I shimmied my body towards the wall. Maybe I'd have more success trying to cling to the wall. I had to get to the kitchen.

Somehow, at some point in time, I was able to cling to the wall. And slowly move my way towards the bedroom door. I wasn't able to walk like a normal person. My knees weren't bending. My legs felt like jell-o but were moving like sticks of wood. I got to the kitchen. And there was NO wall to get to cling to to get to the area where my glucose meter was. Crap!

At this point Rocky was whining to get out and scratching at the kennel floor. My heart broke. I informed him I loved him but needed to get sugar in me first. I tested my blood sugar. 41. What the heck?! I felt like I was hovering around 7. I've tested a 36 before and felt absolutely fine. Why was this 41 like a cement truck plowing over me? I carefully clung to the counter and moved my way to the fridge and grabbed two eight ounce cans of Coca-Cola. I slammed those suckers down my throat. And just stood there. 

Eventually, I was able to walk across the room without having to cling like body glue to anything to let Rocky out. I made my way back to my bedroom to grab my slippers and glasses and slowly returned to the kitchen and ate cereal straight out of the box. Although I still needed an assist from the wall, I made my way out to the living room and collapse on the sofa. I called my father crying and asked him to call me during halftime to remind me to check my blood sugar. He called every quarter just to be sure. 

The rest of the day was spent hovering near 300 which I knew would happen. I also had to change my infusion site which added to more stress because was I high from over-treating my low blood sugar (and more or less eating everything in sight) or was the infusion site bad? 

The day was made better by Nebraska winning their football game but that was basically the only highlight.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reflections on finding my letters

Spirit week is complete. Today is the day, although Saturday is also the day...probably a more important day. Today. Today is the start of sorority recruitment at my alma mater (University of Nebraska). Social media is going crazy with my friends from various chapters sending good wishes to their chapters. My sisters are sending good wishes to our chapter. And the more I think about recruitment, the more overwhelmed I become from recalling memories. 

Out of curiosity, I checked out the Nebraska recruitment schedule. I'm getting old as the schedule has changed. Heck, it changed in the four years I was a collegiate. So, I could write and share about all my specific memories of recruitment. How we had eight party day followed by five party day followed by three party day aka pref day, but that isn't how it is anymore. And it isn't how it is at other chapters across the nation as I've learned by being a chapter adviser for several other chapters. 

When I reflect back on recruitment, I can easily acknowledge I was naive going through the process. I wasn't concerned about wearing makeup and had no clue about fashion (my how things change). Although I've always been a social butterfly I was so intimidated by all of these beautiful, posed, confident women who I wanted to like me so much, who I wanted to bond with, that I could barely say a word and what few words I was able to spit out probably made no sense or were anything but elegant. 

Looking back, I'd like to glare at my eldest sister who neglected to tell  me how the concept of legacies work for her sorority. That would have put me at some ease but I also still would have known nothing is guaranteed. And this is where I'll insert a cliche...what is meant to be is meant to be. To the ladies entering recruitment this year on any campus, don't let it stress you out too much. And remember the cliche of what is meant to be is meant to be and the other cliche...it all happens for a reason. 

Bid day at Nebraska is on Saturday. That is definitely the day for these potential new members. And actives too. Potential new members learn what house has extended them a bid to join. Actives learn which potential new members have accepted the bids. Lots and lots of squealing and jumping up and down occurs. And I mean lots. 

Personally, my bid day was agonizing for me. Back in the day, bid day was the first day of classes. Actives walked around campus attending their classes wearing their bid day shirts. All you wanted to do was run  up to members of the chapter you prefed and ask if you were a member but you couldn't. Bids weren't handed out until the end of the day. In the middle of the afternoon I walked into my English 204 class and sitting there was the girl who recruited me on the second day at the chapter I prefed. I have no idea what was said in class that day because I was so nervous. 

And then...just a few short hours, I received my bid card. I didn't even care my named was misspelled because the bid was from the chapter I wanted to join. The chapter I felt the most comfortable with. The chapter I felt most welcomed at. The chapter my sister joined when she was in college. 

We learned chapter chants and then chanted them as we walked over to the chapter house to join the actives in celebration. As the day went on, I knew it was just day one of a new journey but I had no idea how incredible the journey would be. And continue to be beyond college.

Are you ready? Here is another cliche...It isn't just four years, it is for life. It has been 14 years since I pledged my sorority. I've lived in various states in that time besides Nebraska. I've been involved in various alumnae chapters and advised various chapters at other colleges. And although I'm close with some sisters from my four years at Nebraska, I'm even closer with the sisters I've met in my journey since college. And I still treasure our motto in my heart and try my hardest to always live up to it. I have grown by leaps and bounds from my time as an active and as an alum of my sorority.

Recruitment is quite the experience. It can be overwhelming but ladies going through it should savor it because next year, they will be on the other side of the door recruiting new ladies to join their chapter. Ladies going through recruitment need to remember to breathe and relax and to trust their instincts. Also, don't listen to chatter and gossip on campus about this sorority or that sorority. Choose the sorority you believe is the best for you, the sorority you felt the strongest connection with. Chatter is chatter and it is never the same the next year.

Best of luck to ladies going through recruitment this year. And all the positive thoughts to my chapter at Nebraska for a successful recruitment. No matter what side of the door you are on, embrace and savor the experience because four years fly by. Take comfort though in the fact your bond will last a lifetime.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thanks to #DSMA I have learned....

I've been on Twitter since, well, it seems like forever. In 2013, I somehow stumbled upon the DOC and #DSMA. For those of you who are unfamiliar, DOC is the Diabetes Online Community and #DSMA is the Diabetes Social Media Advocacy. I cannot remember how I stumbled upon them but am certainly glad I did. I think it was when I was pestering all of Twitter for advice about insulin pumps as I "contemplated" getting one. (Come on, you know my doctor had already decided for me I'd be getting one.) 

Every Wednesday evening on Twitter, from 8 until 9 p.m. central standard time, #DSMA takes over with an hour long chat. Sometimes the topics are about diabetes advocacy and how we can become better advocates, sometimes about our wishes and hopes in regards to diabetes and sometimes just silly things. For a few weeks straight, food kept taking over as the topic of discussion. Many times I ended the chat craving things such as a grilled cheese sandwich or nachos or Chinese food. 

I try to make the chat each week but once in a while I have to miss out on it due to other obligations or because, once in a blue moon, I have a date. Overall though, #DSMA is, hands down, the best part of Hump Day aka Wednesday. 

The DOC has embraced and accepted me for who I am. I have made, what I consider true friendships, with people I have never met face-to-face. They have answered my questions without rolling their eyes, they have been cheerleaders and most importantly, they have been instrumental in my finally accepting and at times embracing (?!) my diabetes. Okay, embracing might be the wrong word. Perhaps they have helped me find some of the positives to having it. That still sounds wrong but I'm sure you can understand what I'm trying to say.

Since so many in the DOC blog and their blogs provide a wealth of information for their experiences and what they've learned as amazing advocates, I thought I'd share some of the tidbits I've learned in the short time I've been involved:
  • Have a pump? Want to wear a dress? Not a problem. Clip your pump to your bra. Can't wear a bra with the dress? Still not a problem. Buy a garter and clip it to that. Or clip it to some hipster or boy short style underwear;
  • It is okay to take a "pump-cation." Sometimes you just need a break from feeling like a robot with all of the devices attached to your body. I've learned from others it is okay to switch back to MDIs for a few days or even when you are living it up on a Caribbean island. Just make sure to discuss it with your doctor so you have a plan;
  • Just because the FDA only approved your CGM for one location, the stomach, doesn't mean you can't break the rules and wear it somewhere else; 
  • It is OKAY to complain about all the tiny things we have to deal with just to stay alive but we shouldn't complain all. the. time. because we are quite fortunate to have access to insulin and the medical devices which others do not have access to
  • No matter how often we think we are the only one experiencing something in our journey with diabetes, chances are at least one other person has or is experiencing it too. Don't be afraid to share your situation because you connect and even potentially help someone through it;
  • I learned how to organize all of my pump supplies so it doesn't look like the area where my supplies are stored exploded;
  • Just like me, most people rarely change their lancets. A good rule of thumb I've learned is to try to change it when we change the clocks and/or change the batteries in the smoke detectors; and 
  • Most importantly, I've learned how to save the insulin left in my reservoir when it is time to change it instead of throwing away valuable insulin. Because that is the worst feeling ever knowing there are still a few units in the reservoir but you need to change the site. You become overwhelmed with guilt.  
So, now, I shall share how to save the insulin! Disclaimer: I have the Medtronic pump so I'm not sure how to save the insulin with other pumps. When it comes time to change your reservoir you need to save two items: 

Those are the two pieces you need to save. To save the insulin in your old reservoir:
  1. Fill your new reservoir with the insulin you need;
  2. Keep the blue thing on your bottle of insulin;
  3. Once the new reservoir is connected to your infusion site device and you've pushed some insulin into the tubing , remove the plunger as you normally would but DO NOT THROW the plunger away;
  4. Continue changing your infusion site as you normally would;
  5. Connect the plunger to your old reservoir by screwing it in; 
  6. Attach the old reservoir to the blue thing on top of your vial of insulin;
  7. Push the insulin into the vial;
  8. Remove the old reservoir, the blue thing and discard of all of your trash safely; and
  9. Ta-da! You have salvaged what little insulin was still left in your reservoir. 
Another disclaimer: I am not a medical expert so take this information with a grain of salt and do not consider me an expert. :) 

With all of that said, these are just some of the things I've learned through the DOC and #DSMA. I know I've learned so much more but it is difficult to recall everything when you sit down and try to list it all. 

In closing, I hope you'll consider joining us for a future #dsma, even if you don't have diabetes. It is a great hour!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dazed and confused but alive

I'm not quite sure what happened this morning as I drove to work. As I sit here at work, while I work, I continue to try to piece everything together and determine what happened.

What I do know is I was low when I tested for breakfast this morning and proceeded to scarf down a bowl of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. I know, I know, living on the wild side. I got in my car and proceeded to drive to work. And that is when things become fuzzy. I've taken the same route for over a year now. And thinking back now, I recall it going from a four lane road (two lanes each way) to a two lane road (one lane each way) that was almost country like. I remember coming to a road blocked off with construction barriers that I thought I normally drive on and being rerouted and rerouted and rerouted to the point I had no clue where I was. And then I hit something. And my car stopped. On the Interstate. And a big truck behind me helped me out and some construction workers helped him. And I had flat tire. So they put my spare on. And I took the next exit and found my way to a 7-11. One of them followed me to make sure I was okay. I was beyond confused. But gathered myself and plugged in my work address into my TomTom and was on my way. But how the heck did I get onto that Interstate which is NOT one I ever take on my way to work. And I was in a suburb to the west of the city.


They asked several times if I had a seizure. The thought of that terrifies me. I'm confident I didn't. I'm confident that my blood sugar dramatically dropped instead of raising after breakfast. I know that when I got out of my car so they could get in and help me, my flip flops were on the wrong feet. So confused. 

I really do not know what happened. I'm terrified to know what happened. This is more proof I have a team of guardian angels watching over me. Watching very closely. If I could send them a thank you basket of goodies, I absolutely would. 

My car now has a donut, which the gentlemen commented was a darn good, impressive donut. So thanks Toyota! I have an appointment to go get a new tire after work. Buh bye money. I'm confident they'll need to fix the wheel alignment as well. Fingers crossed nothing else is wrong with my car. 

I'm also kicking myself at the moment because I chose yesterday not to put in a new CGM because the last sensor was being ridiculous, restarting and claiming I wasn't calibrating when I was and losing the sensor. I thought I'd take a week off. I cannot wait to get home and stick that new sensor in me. I'm not sure if having a sensor in would have prevented whatever happened from happening but it most likely wouldn't have hurt to have it in. Live and learn I suppose. I'm just thankful I can say I've lived AND learned.  

I really don't know what happened. As I sit here in my office chair, I'm nearly paralyzed at the thought of getting in my car to drive to the auto shop after work. Perhaps I can train my dog to drive my car, a la Toonces the driving cat. This occurrence is yet another reminder of why, as comfortable as I am being independent and single, I crave to have someone I can lean on, to not feel so alone and hopeless when scary crap like this happens. 

If you've read my blog before, you know I try to be positive and happy. But sometimes, you just can't hide the scary sides of diabetes. Or health in general. I just hope nothing like this happens anytime soon so I can get back to happier posts, especially since I've been working on one for a week or two for Wednesday. I also hope stuff like this never happens to any of you. 

***Update: I spent almost four hours at the mechanic getting new tires and having my alignment fixed. It was awkward when they asked what happened and I had to explain that I wasn't sure. When I finally returned home, I turned the corner and saw that my garage door was STILL open. I turned off my car and frantically ran inside. PHEW. Rocky was safe and no one robbed my home. Just more proof that I have guardian angels watching over me. This morning I successfully locked up my house and drove to work where I made it in one piece without any detours although I was terrified the entire time I was driving.