Checking in on my birthday resolutions

One year ago, I wrote about hitting the taking ownership of my life. Or at least of my diabetes. Part of taking ownership of at least my diabetes coincided with my birthday. I'm not a fan of my birthday. In fact, I wouldn't hesitate to say I despise it. We can explore that topic another time. I tend to have low-key birthdays focused on cheering my Huskers on to victory. One thing I always do though with my birthday, and usually completely on my own and at the end of they day is to make my "New Year's Resolutions." I rarely discuss them with others and tend to just internalize them. This past January though, I put them in writing on this blog. They were official. Yikes! I could no longer fail. 

So, let's check in with those resolutions I made last year for my birthday. 

Resolution #1 -- Improve my diabetic health. 

Success? Yes. Absolutely! 

Before starting my pump in November 2013, my a1c was dangerously high, hanging out with the number 14, hovering towards 15. Not good. Not good at all. I've had three a1c tests since starting my pump. Those results? In order were 6.8, 6.7 and 5.8. Having three in a row with those great numbers show these numbers are a trend, not a fluke. Highs are rare occurrences and when they do happen, I catch them early and am able to quickly correct. I still have lows and those pesky, scary lows still occur randomly. In addition to great numbers, I'm feeling better overall. It is a wonderful feeling. 

Resolution #2 -- Consistent workouts

Success? Not so much.

I hit a groove for awhile where I went hard on the treadmill for at least an hour at least four times a week. Then, life got busy and I forgot to make it a priority. Starting this new year of my life, this needs to be a priority. I'm not happy with the weight gain from the pump. I need to reflect and determine what will work best for me and how to stay at it. As always, any advice it welcome. If I put the drive I put into improving my diabetic health, I think I can accomplish this resolution. 

In conjunction with working out was eating healthy. I'm doing a really good job at this. I should work to continue lowering my carb intake but man, carbs are delicious. And it is frustrating that a fresh apple usually has 17 grams of carbs. But after seeing the nutritionist, I do know how many carbs I should consume a day and I'm definitely below that, minus a time here and there eating out with friends. 

Resolution #3 -- Earn my APR

Success? Um, YES! Hello, have you not been keeping up with this blog? I'm surprised you didn't hear me screaming from the rooftops (because really, there are not mountain tops to scream from in Oklahoma) about it. Any yes, I absolutely bought my Louboutins. I should really blog about them. As well as some recent Stitch Fixes. I apologize, I've been slacking on the fashion themed posts. 

Resolution #4 -- Being more involved professionally

Success? Kind of. I'm trying to be a more active participant with PRSA and AWC. I've served on a committee and have talked with current leadership about being more involved. It is a slow process but that is okay. Things can't always happen overnight. 

So, what are my resolutions for this birthday year? 

Well, obviously to get back on track with improving my weight. Maintain my diabetic health. I think I want to be a better home owner. As in, I want to make some small upgrades although I'm not sure what yet, to make the house feel like mine. Also, I really should finally paint and decorate the interior. Part of me also wants to focus on trying to find that partner in crime to potentially, eventually settle down with but the other part of me is over that and getting hurt and has become content to just be the crazy old chihuahua lady (you know I'm not having a house full of cats). I'm conflicted on which path to take in regard to this aspect of my life. I know I don't need to figure it out at this exact moment but I know I should figure it out sooner than later.  

Here is to another year. One that is hopefully as successful if not more than my previous year.  


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