Time flies

Last week was a busy week. Mainly because November 12 was Rocky's 7th birthday! I can't believe he is getting so old. I'm in no way prepared for this. I'll post the awesome photo collages I made tomorrow in a new post. The week was also busy because I had quite a few things going on with meetings, a hair appointment, college football, etc. 

What I neglected to remember though is November 11 is an important day. November 11, 2013 is when I started on my pump. Holy crap, time flies by. I can't believe I've been up and running on a pump for over a year now. 

This experience has been wonderful. I'm gaining amazing control of my diabetes. Seriously. My pre-pump a1c was nearly 15. The three I've had since then? 6.8, 6.7 and 5.8. Bam! I feel like a rock star seeing those numbers. The pump and CGM have assisted me in catching high and low blood sugars before they became too high and low. It still takes a lot of work and the pump/CGM combo isn't a miracle or a new pancreas but it certainly helps ease the mind and lowers the amount of stress I have on a daily basis. 

I'm still not overly enthused or thrilled about having all these gadgets attached to me. I relish the short time between changing my infusion site and CGM. The tubing of my pump can annoy me like no other when I'm trying to get dressed and there is no where for the pump or when I'm trying on new clothes to potentially buy. I'm quite envious of my sister's OmniPod but I love Medtronic. Medtronic, if you are reading this, please get to work on creating your own tubeless pump. 

Sometimes the CGM acts up and constantly beeps at me for being high or low when my blood sugars are perfectly fine. I've had screaming fits filled with snark at my pump/CGM when this occurs. Especially in the middle of the night. There may have been one or two times when I wanted to rip it all out of my body and throw it all against the wall. Don't worry, I didn't. 

With all of that said, the benefits far exceed the negatives. If I have to put up with an annoying tube at times to have such great control and to be healthy, I can deal with the tube. Also, I have an amazing pump trainer who has taught me how to deal with these little things. I love how even a year later I'm still able to text/call/email her with questions or even good news (again, the a1c). 

November 25 is the one year anniversary of starting on the CGM. I might have to celebrate. Maybe some froyo. 

So, here is to one year of successfully pumping and to many more years. 


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