Adorableness overload

As promised yesterday, I am going to share what I consider to be amazing collages of my puppy Rocky, my one and only true love. I created these on November 12 to celebrate him turning seven years old. I hope you can fully handle his awesomeness and adorableness. Because I barely can and I live with him. :) 

This collage is from the first year I had with him. The two pictures with him on the blue-green cushion were when he was about nine weeks old. The middle picture on the top row was from dog training and he met his first girl friend. I have a picture somewhere of the German Shepherd with its arm/paw wrapped around Rocky. Please note how the toys were just as big as he was. He weighed a pound and a half when I got him at the age of eight weeks. The bottom row are pictures from his first snow, his first birthday and his first bath. 

Birthdays also mean holidays! Here are pictures of him celebrating Christmas, Easter, Cinco de Mayo and Valentine's Day. The picture on the far right in the middle row is him sitting next to all of the loot he got for Christmas in 2013. Such a spoiled puppy. To have nine pictures I added a picture of him in the winter time snow (same one as above, oops) as well as a picture of him sleeping in, a common occurrence on holidays.

Now that he is seven, he has grown up so much. He almost always has a smile on his face. These are some of my favorite most recent pictures. He loves riding in the car. He also, for such a tiny face, has an enormous tongue.

I think all of these pictures help should just how adorable, awesome, amazing and precious my puppy is. And yes, I tell him everyday he is perfect.


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