Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An update of rambles

I know, I know. I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks now and I apologize. It's been a little busy and I haven't been sure of what to write about. Since I still have nothing specific to write about, I'm just going to share some rambles from the past few weeks.

The day I wrote my last blog, I went out for dinner with friends. We had a great time and ate some delicious food. We all parted ways and I got in my car and began to back out of my parking stall. Thump. Thump. Thump. My car has never made that sound before so I pulled back into the parking stall, parked, shut the car off and got out. A-ha! Flat tire. 

Knowing I have a spare tire in my trunk and I assume whatever tools are needed to change a tire and called my dad. My thinking was he could talk me through changing a tire so I could get home and then get it fixed in the morning. This was our conversation:

Me: "Hey Dad, can you talk me through changing a flat ti -- er, how about changing two flat tires?"

Dad: "Call your insurance."

Brilliant! I had two flat tires. Both on the driver's side. I spent several hours back inside the restaurant on the phone with roadside assistance and waiting for the tow truck. It was quite the ordeal and not a fun way to end the evening. The next morning, my car received two new tires because the flats couldn't be repaired. 

While waiting for my tires to be repaired, I had my checkup with my endocrinologist. It was a good check-up minus my weight. My pump has led to quite a bit of weight gain unfortunately. I'm working hard at it as I'm beyond not happy with how I look right now. I'll get to where I want to be but not overnight. We made a change with my basal to hopefully battle my random overnight spikes. She also informed me I was doing such a good job that I was "becoming a true diabetic." My sugars are doing great and each day I'm feeling better and better. It is amazing.

In the afternoon, I took part in the #EndoSmackdown2014 on Twitter because, let's be honest, I have the greatest endocrinologist out there.

What else? 

There was Easter which I celebrated by going to see "Draft Day." It was a good movie. I also treated myself to a massage the day before while Rocky got groomed. Work has kept me busy. A friend and I took a cooking class at a local tech school to learn how to make caramels. It was fun. I could feel my blood sugars rising just being around all that sugar. It wasn't the best class I've taken but it could have been worse. 

My parents visited this past weekend. They've never seen my house in person so it was exciting for them to finally see it. They helped me accomplish a lot around my house. It is a tie for what I'm most excited about -- getting the lower level of my fire pit working or fixing my back storm door so it doesn't fall off. They helped me determine how much paint I need for all my rooms so I'm able to now paint. Yay!! I have colors picked out for two rooms -- the den and the living room. I chose a Caribbean blue for my den but will only paint one wall with that color. The other three walls will be a sandy neutral color. I chose a light grey for my living room. I'm excited to start making my house more of mine. 

It was wonderful to spend so much time with them. Rocky had a great time too as he was spoiled, as usual. Although it is nice for them to be back home, I do miss them a little bit because it does get lonely living on my own. To avoid sulking around having a pity-party, I'm getting more and more involved with different organizations I was already involved with. I need to remind myself to be careful about getting  so involved in things because otherwise I'll end up constantly on the go with no time to breathe for myself. 

One last ramble -- tomorrow is May 1. Also known as May Day. One of my favorite holidays. I never hear of kids leaving May Day baskets on the porches of their friends. It was one of my favorite things. We'd fill plastic cups with some popcorn and a few pieces of candy and leave them by the front door, ringing the doorbell and scampering away to not get caught. It was always fun to come home and see several May Day baskets waiting for you too. I hope you all get some sort of May Day basket tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

I ordered my second Stitch Fix  in February a few weeks after receiving my first fix. The service is becoming so popular the first date I was able to select for my fix arriving was April 17. Considering I’m not known for being the most patient person, it was disappointing because I didn’t want to wait that long for another fix. Remember my first post, I referred to Stitch Fix as a drug dealer – it is that addictive. The positive that negates the negative of waiting so long is my bank account had time to grow and prepare for fix number two.

When I scheduled my fix I asked for skirts and dresses. I mentioned I was looking for something to be worn for Easter that could potentially be worn for work and/or dates. See! I’m trying very hard to be optimistic in that part of my life. I also mentioned, again, a need for aviator sunglasses. Not too demanding, didn’t seem like hard needs to be met. A few weeks after ordering my fix, I received this skirt and tweeted with StitchFix. I asked about needing a shirt for the skirt. I was told I could change the comments both in my profile and fix order. So I hustled to their site and changed those items. I also took out the information about the sunglasses because they weren’t the most important thing. And just a few weeks ago I found some amazing aviator sunglasses which are not too big for my face at the outlet mall. Yay!   

It is starting to get warm in the South so I pulled out my go to jean shorts and to my horror they were not fitting well. I had to go to the mall for an event so I spent some extra time in a few stores trying to find a new pair. Most stores didn’t have them and the ones that did – not my style. So again, I tweeted at Stitch Fix and asked if it was too late to put in an emergency request for jean shorts for my fix arriving in a little over a week. They kindly informed me it was indeed too late but to go ahead and to request them in my next order. Knowing how long I had to wait for my current fix and how desperately I needed new shorts, I immediately went to their site to try to order another fix.

Guess what! I wasn’t able to because my fix was already completed and in the process of being mailed. When I logged in, I was given the page to complete my review/purchase – where you provide detailed feedback on your fix and let them know if you are keeping or returning an item. So, I was able to see, by name – no pictures, what was in my fix. This was a little disappointing because it took some surprise out of my fix. In the grand scheme of things, not a huge deal.

My box arrived and I knew what was in it but not what each piece looked like. Three dresses and two shirts. Yay! I love wearing dresses. Probably because they never have to be hemmed like pants. J  I was anxious to see what they looked like. By their names, I was extremely excited to see the polka dot dress. A dress WITH polka dots?! Yes please!

And then I read the card with the note from my stylist (before opening the tissue wrapped package of clothes) and became – I’m not quite sure what I became. I was little disappointed. I was a little frustrated. Maybe conflicted? I’m not sure. I just know I was no longer over-the-moon happy. The stylist’s note mentioned nothing about a shirt for my skirt but did mention the dresses would work well for Easter and spring/summer. She then informed me how she would have loved to find me some sunglasses but they don’t offer those at this time. I’ve had time to reflect on this and I’m going to give Stitch Fix the benefit of the doubt that I didn’t change my comments in time for the stylist who was putting together my fix. So, we’ll just try again with my next fix. And I’ll make sure to change/update my profile BEFORE I schedule my fix.

Now, on to the important stuff – the clothes!

Item #1: Carlie Mixed laced Short Sleeve Shirt

This shirt is pretty  neat but I’m not a lace girl. What makes it neat is the back with its racerback cut and parts of the back on top are cut out. It came with a white camisole to wear under it. Although I like it, I don’t love it. On me, the sleeves didn't seem long enough, it felt sleeveless and I’m not a huge fan of sleeveless and so I’d want to wear a jacket or cardigan over it which takes away from what makes the shirt stand out – the back. I also wouldn’t want to wear it just by itself because it’s off-white and not that slimming. So, this is a return.

Item #2: Jasmine Pleat Detail Floral Print Blouse

It’s pretty. But again, sleeveless although it would work great with a jacket/cardigan over it. Like lace, I’m not a huge floral fan. With all of that said, the reason I’m returning it is because it was too big.

Item #3: Harriet Geo Print Fit & Flare Dress

I really love this dress. And it fit pretty well. I’m not sure if it is the most slimming because of where exactly it goes from black to pattern. I tried it with my jean jacket and it looked great. Tuesday was a crummy day for me so I’m going to try it on again tonight after hopefully a much better day before I decide. I’m leaning towards keeping it.

Item #4: Galen Racerback Polka Dot Dress

Hello! Is this dress not absolutely me? A) It is polka dots B) I love the color and C) The cut is similar to other dresses I have. I love the bow on the side too. It is absolutely perfect for a date (Ha! Like those happen) or going out with friends. I could even get away with it at work – of course with a jacket or cardigan over it. I’m not a fan of wearing sleeveless items at work. It doesn’t seem professional. Also, I, like everyone else, do not have the arms of Michelle Obama. I’m torn on keeping this dress. I obviously love it. I’m unsure of how it fits. I need someone to see me in it and provide their opinion.

Item #4: Audry Lace Fit & Flare Dress

Just looking at it, my first thought was “Welp, that is going back.” I mean really, it is off-white (not slimming) and is lace. But I tried it on because you just need to make sure you try everything on because you never know what you are going to like. And guess what?! This might be my favorite of the entire fix. I’m not overly excited about the color but it is a cute dress, it fits extremely well, I don’t look massively huge in it and it will be fun to accessorize with. This is a keeper.

I never look at the prices until after I’ve tried everything on and already have opinions on if I want to keep the pieces or not. The reason I do this is because prices can easily influence your decision. The prices for all the pieces are extremely reasonable. Looking at the prices and seeing how much I’d pay if I bought this or that, I actually noticed the impact the discount has if you buy all five pieces. It is a huge!

All in all, I still love Stitch Fix. My second fix was a slight let-down but not enough to make me give up. Those things happen, especially as this company continues to grow and become popular. It seems like lately everyone is joining. Yay for growth!! In fact, as it grows and the time between fixes continues to become longer, I’m starting to strongly consider signing up for a monthly fix. The one piece of constructive criticism I have for them is they should provide a table in their FAQ for when items need to be sent back by. Kind of a “If you receive your fix on a Monday, your returns need to be mailed by …” I always am confused – do I count the day it arrived as day one which means returns need to be in the mail the day after tomorrow? It would just be nice to have that reference so I’m not frantic and trying to decide everything within 24 hours.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Experiencing epic levels of mortifications

No one will notice your pump they said. 

True, a lot of people haven't noticed or at least they haven't commented on it. But many have commented on it. Not a huge deal. 

You can silence the alarm so your pump only vibrates and doesn't beep they said. 

Uh huh. 

Monday night I changed my infusion site after taking my dinner bolus. Was running a little high by the time I went to bed but nothing to be concerned about. In the morning I was still high and the CGM showed readings in the mid-300s during the night. I decided to play it safe and changed my infusion site. The cannula wasn't kinked but it seemed like a good decision to change. Took the corrective bolus plus the bolus for my breakfast. Checked my sugars two hours later to check the infusion site and it was 155 with double arrows down. 

Crap. I had to leave in 30 minutes to conduct an interview with a CEO for an article I'm writing. 

Got to his office and the CGM read 92. I put the alarm on silent so it wouldn't beep during the interview and ate a glucose tab -- just in case. I figured I'd regret eating it and be high two hours later at lunch. 

Started the interview and my pump started vibrating. Tried to find the buttons to turn the alarm off but failed. The CEO didn't noticed. At least it didn't seem like he noticed. 

And then....

then my pump decided to beep. As in make noise. Did my best to ignore it and tried to find the buttons to turn it off. Silence. And then a little later...

Beep! Beep! Beep! 

Crap! And then the CEO asked "What is that?" 

Sigh. Time to inform him it was my insulin pump beeping. And then I reached down the front of my dress to retrieve my pump which was hooked on my bra so I could turn the alarm off and make my pump happy. 

About 15 or 20 minutes later, had to reach down my dress and grab my pump again. 

Mortified. Absolutely mortified. 

I'm going to guess that reaching down inside your dress and retrieving an electronic device is not viewed as the most professional way to act. 

The CEO kept telling me it wasn't a big deal and to stop apologizing but his kindness was not helping. I was beyond mortified. I wanted to cry. Don't worry, I didn't. I was trying to be professional despite my pump's attempt to not be. 

To summarize, I'm beyond mortified and anxious for the day to be over so I can crawl into bed with Rocky and prepare for a new day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My one true love

If I were to write a post today about the thoughts in my head, I'd be taking you on a journey into deep, dark, unhappy thoughts. My head is in quite the funk right now and I'm trying to get it out but it is quite a struggle. I haven't had this big of a struggle for years and I hate that I'm experiencing it again. I'm learning my mind can sometimes (okay, realistically, it almost always is) my own worst enemy. BUT, from day one, I said I was going to do my best to keep this a "happy, upbeat" type of blog. So instead of throwing these unwelcome thoughts on you (which would probably get you down too and we just can't have that), I'm going to introduce you to my one true love...


Rocky is truly my one true lover. He is a long-hair chihuahua. He was born on November 12, 2007 and yes, we celebrate every birthday. He came into  my life on January 12, 2008 at the young age of 8 weeks. 

Really, would you have been able to say no to that little munchkin? I didn't think so. Why did I name him Rocky? Originally I thought about getting a second dog, maybe a Westie or Scottie, and naming it Bullwinkle. Then I could have Rocky and Bullwinkle. But in no time at all, I quickly learned Rocky is meant to be in a home where he is the only dog. He gets along great with other animals but he is used to being the center of attention and does not like having to fight for attention. And to answer the question in your head, yes, Rocky is 110 percent spoiled. 

Chihuahuas tend to get a bad rap. Typically they yip and yap and are ferociously protective of their owners. Rocky? Not so much. He rarely, I mean RARELY, barks and has never yipped or yapped. He is also the opposite of protective of me. He sees a new person and immediate things "Hey! You are going to be my new BFF!" He is my little shadow though. No matter where I go within the house or yard, he is at my side. Rocky also has never bitten a soul outside of his chew toys. A complete sweetheart.

Coming home to Rocky is wonderful. He is always so excited and happy to see me. He is also a little snuggle bug and loves to curl up with me. I told my doctor this morning I'm resigned to the fact I will die old and alone and without ever experiencing being loved by someone outside of my family, but if I think about it, I am experiencing love every single day because of Rocky. It is really one of the greatest feelings possible. He has also been instrumental in my diabetes. He seems to just "get it" when my sugars are off and he keeps me motivated to take care of myself. If I can't take care of myself, how can I take care of him?

Rocky is filled with energy. He is fast! And loves to play "chase." It is hilarious watching him run in the house because of all the wood floors. To his dismay, he does not get very much traction, if any at all, on those floors. I have numerous videos of him trying to run on the floor, all of which make me giggle — over and over. 

So, that is just a little about Rocky. I could go on and on about his awesomeness but I'll save it for another time. In the meantime, enjoy some more pictures. 

And yes, people love to say Rocky looks just like a gremlin.