An update of rambles

I know, I know. I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks now and I apologize. It's been a little busy and I haven't been sure of what to write about. Since I still have nothing specific to write about, I'm just going to share some rambles from the past few weeks.

The day I wrote my last blog, I went out for dinner with friends. We had a great time and ate some delicious food. We all parted ways and I got in my car and began to back out of my parking stall. Thump. Thump. Thump. My car has never made that sound before so I pulled back into the parking stall, parked, shut the car off and got out. A-ha! Flat tire. 

Knowing I have a spare tire in my trunk and I assume whatever tools are needed to change a tire and called my dad. My thinking was he could talk me through changing a tire so I could get home and then get it fixed in the morning. This was our conversation:

Me: "Hey Dad, can you talk me through changing a flat ti -- er, how about changing two flat tires?"

Dad: "Call your insurance."

Brilliant! I had two flat tires. Both on the driver's side. I spent several hours back inside the restaurant on the phone with roadside assistance and waiting for the tow truck. It was quite the ordeal and not a fun way to end the evening. The next morning, my car received two new tires because the flats couldn't be repaired. 

While waiting for my tires to be repaired, I had my checkup with my endocrinologist. It was a good check-up minus my weight. My pump has led to quite a bit of weight gain unfortunately. I'm working hard at it as I'm beyond not happy with how I look right now. I'll get to where I want to be but not overnight. We made a change with my basal to hopefully battle my random overnight spikes. She also informed me I was doing such a good job that I was "becoming a true diabetic." My sugars are doing great and each day I'm feeling better and better. It is amazing.

In the afternoon, I took part in the #EndoSmackdown2014 on Twitter because, let's be honest, I have the greatest endocrinologist out there.

What else? 

There was Easter which I celebrated by going to see "Draft Day." It was a good movie. I also treated myself to a massage the day before while Rocky got groomed. Work has kept me busy. A friend and I took a cooking class at a local tech school to learn how to make caramels. It was fun. I could feel my blood sugars rising just being around all that sugar. It wasn't the best class I've taken but it could have been worse. 

My parents visited this past weekend. They've never seen my house in person so it was exciting for them to finally see it. They helped me accomplish a lot around my house. It is a tie for what I'm most excited about -- getting the lower level of my fire pit working or fixing my back storm door so it doesn't fall off. They helped me determine how much paint I need for all my rooms so I'm able to now paint. Yay!! I have colors picked out for two rooms -- the den and the living room. I chose a Caribbean blue for my den but will only paint one wall with that color. The other three walls will be a sandy neutral color. I chose a light grey for my living room. I'm excited to start making my house more of mine. 

It was wonderful to spend so much time with them. Rocky had a great time too as he was spoiled, as usual. Although it is nice for them to be back home, I do miss them a little bit because it does get lonely living on my own. To avoid sulking around having a pity-party, I'm getting more and more involved with different organizations I was already involved with. I need to remind myself to be careful about getting  so involved in things because otherwise I'll end up constantly on the go with no time to breathe for myself. 

One last ramble -- tomorrow is May 1. Also known as May Day. One of my favorite holidays. I never hear of kids leaving May Day baskets on the porches of their friends. It was one of my favorite things. We'd fill plastic cups with some popcorn and a few pieces of candy and leave them by the front door, ringing the doorbell and scampering away to not get caught. It was always fun to come home and see several May Day baskets waiting for you too. I hope you all get some sort of May Day basket tomorrow.


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