Experiencing epic levels of mortifications

No one will notice your pump they said. 

True, a lot of people haven't noticed or at least they haven't commented on it. But many have commented on it. Not a huge deal. 

You can silence the alarm so your pump only vibrates and doesn't beep they said. 

Uh huh. 

Monday night I changed my infusion site after taking my dinner bolus. Was running a little high by the time I went to bed but nothing to be concerned about. In the morning I was still high and the CGM showed readings in the mid-300s during the night. I decided to play it safe and changed my infusion site. The cannula wasn't kinked but it seemed like a good decision to change. Took the corrective bolus plus the bolus for my breakfast. Checked my sugars two hours later to check the infusion site and it was 155 with double arrows down. 

Crap. I had to leave in 30 minutes to conduct an interview with a CEO for an article I'm writing. 

Got to his office and the CGM read 92. I put the alarm on silent so it wouldn't beep during the interview and ate a glucose tab -- just in case. I figured I'd regret eating it and be high two hours later at lunch. 

Started the interview and my pump started vibrating. Tried to find the buttons to turn the alarm off but failed. The CEO didn't noticed. At least it didn't seem like he noticed. 

And then....

then my pump decided to beep. As in make noise. Did my best to ignore it and tried to find the buttons to turn it off. Silence. And then a little later...

Beep! Beep! Beep! 

Crap! And then the CEO asked "What is that?" 

Sigh. Time to inform him it was my insulin pump beeping. And then I reached down the front of my dress to retrieve my pump which was hooked on my bra so I could turn the alarm off and make my pump happy. 

About 15 or 20 minutes later, had to reach down my dress and grab my pump again. 

Mortified. Absolutely mortified. 

I'm going to guess that reaching down inside your dress and retrieving an electronic device is not viewed as the most professional way to act. 

The CEO kept telling me it wasn't a big deal and to stop apologizing but his kindness was not helping. I was beyond mortified. I wanted to cry. Don't worry, I didn't. I was trying to be professional despite my pump's attempt to not be. 

To summarize, I'm beyond mortified and anxious for the day to be over so I can crawl into bed with Rocky and prepare for a new day.


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