Resolutions? No thank you.

It is now the middle of January. Everyone should be in full swing on their resolutions. Some may have already been broken. Right now, technically speaking, I'm perfect on my resolutions. 

Because I didn't make any. I refuse!

If you haven't noticed, I'm slightly a type-A, OCD, perfectionist. Eh, who am I kidding. I am the definition of a type-A, perfectionist. The thought of making resolutions at the start of the year is terrifying. So much pressure. Most people break their resolutions. We get busy with things, we go back to our habits of comfort, etc. The thought of not being successful, of breaking a resolution. I'm having anxiety just contemplating that.

So, in the sense of new year's resolutions, I'm perfect at keeping them because I refused to make any. 

As I thought about writing a post on resolutions though (because you know, all the cool kids are writing about it), I realized I kind of did create some resolutions. Just on my own timeline. 

With my birthday this past October, I decided to make some big changes. Changes ultimately for me. I switched to an insulin pump. As I reflect on the past two months with it, I realize that change in a way was a resolution, to improve me. To improve my health. And so far, I'm being successful at it. Even my doctors are proud. That one decision is having a domino effect on me though. 

I made the goal (or I suppose resolution) to improve my diabetic health. I'm seeing success and keeping it up. 

That has lead me to wanting to go back to consistently working out. I have partial success with that -- I bought a treadmill. This will ultimately help me lose the weight I'd like to lose.

All of that combined has prompted me to make an appointment to see a nutritionist. Am I eating the correct amount of carbohydrate grams? How can I make my family recipes healthier? I'm such a picky eater -- if I like these foods, what other foods might I like? So many questions for them but it will be good to discuss these things with an expert. (That reminds me, I'm going through two of my diabetic-themed cookbooks to try some recipes. I'll let you know how it turns out in a future post).

I've had the goal of earning my APR, and again, partial success. I'm in the process of it. Studying like a mad women 24/7. I take the final exam on Saturday, Jan. 18, so we'll see if I am successful with this goal on the first try. 

Because the APR will improve my life professional it has led me to wanting to get professional head-shots for my LinkedIn profile and anything else I might need them for. Success! I'm hiring a sorority sister who owns a photography studio. 

This has led me to wanting to be more involved professionally. I'm already a member of Public Relations Society of America and at our recent meeting talked with someone about being involved on a committee. I also recently joining Association for Women in Communications. So, success!!

Without realizing it, I created an overall resolution of improving my quality of life in various aspects. The best part is, I'm being successful. What can I say? I like being successful. I think one key has been not making them when everyone else does at the beginning of a new year. Perhaps we can start a new trend -- making resolutions around your birthday. Why not have the next year of your life better than your previous one? 


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