My own spirit squad

Customer service, it seems, is consistently spiraling downward. On social media there are tweets and posts galore of people sharing their frustrations about company xyz with no response from the company. Just when you think it is impossible to even experience the bare minimum of good customer service, you experience or witness customer service that leaves you blown away with amazement. It leaves you questioning if the amazing customer service actually happened or if you just imagined it. 

Working in the public relations industry, I tend to pay closer attention to customer service stories but have never had one that I've been anxious to share or felt an need to share. At least not until recently. 

I recently blogged about switching to a pump. I was absolutely terrified of the switch for many reasons. And it turning into a good decision. One of the reasons it has been good (and pretty easy) to switch has been the exceptional support of Medtronic, the company that makes my pump and CGM. 

I'm sure they are thrilled to sell their pumps and CGMs to make money, but their actions indicate to me that they are invested in all of their customers. Let me break down how they have been putting others to shame with their expectations of customer service:
  • While waiting for insurance to approve everything, they stayed in contact with me and worked with the insurance to get it approved;
  • When the two huge boxes of everything arrived, they called to schedule a time to walk me through everything, which helped to prevent me from having a full-on anxiety attack due to the massive amount of items and training books;
  • In that same call, they walked me through setting up my pump to continue my training;
  • Their certified trainer called and scheduled my pump training and provided me all of her contact information; 
  • The day after pump training, my trainer called to check in with me and make sure everything was going well; and
  • A week after wearing the pump, my other contact at Medtronic called to check in on me and see how I was doing with the pump.
All that is just the foundation of what they are doing. It gets better. 

My trainer responds as quickly as possible when I email, call or text with questions or concerns. For example, insurance wouldn't fill my insulin vial prescription because I had recently filled my insulin pens prescription. I let my trainer know after hours by e-mail and asked how I should proceed. She got back to me within 30 minutes and told me she'd grab a vial from my doctor in case I couldn't get one in time for training. Crisis adverted!

What is the icing on the cake though is their customer service efforts on social media, especially on Twitter (@MDT_Diabetes). If you look at their timeline, it appears they respond to every single tweet they receive or even are mentioned in. Even if it isn't a question but rather a comment. I've seen tweets about their new packaging and they responded how they were glad the person liked it. I tweeted about being excited about the various skins available for my pump and mentioned it's the small things. They responded agreeing that it is indeed the small things. 

My interaction with them today though is my favorite. 

It is as if I have my own spirit squad constantly cheering me on and providing support whenever I need it. Their support reminds me of this commercial

Here is an example when I didn't even name them and they immediately provided help. 

And another example of there cheeriness. 

It isn't fun having a chronic illness to deal with every single second and it seems they get that. By staying on top of what their customers are saying and responding to pleas for help and both positive and negative comments, it is impressive.

As a customer, it leaves you with the impression they truly care about you and not just the bottom dollar. I'm confident with the entire Medtronic team I'm working with along with my doctors, there is absolutely no way I will fail at having a pump and most likely have the best control I've had in ages of my diabetes. 


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