Invincible. If I had to choose only one word to describe my mother, I would choose invincible. Hopefully I'll never have to choose just one because there are so many more words that also fit for describing her. 

The reason I would choose invincible? Because she is a fighter. Not once now, but twice (!!), she has laid the smack down on cancer and kicked it to the curb.

In 2003, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was away at college about to start my last semester of undergrad. I'm not sure what treatment she went through, but she evicted the colon cancer from her body. Every checkup she has had since has come back clean as can be. 

In 2013, Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Considering she had spent several months living here with me when I wasn't allowed to drive due to a day filled with seizures (another post for the near future because I just realized as of today, I've been seizure free for two years!), I just wanted to quit my job and move back home to take care of her. As anyone will say in regards to cancer, it isn't fair. 

Mom has handled this battle with grace, bravery, dignity, courage and everything else. I am in awe of her inner strength. She has been amazing. My father has been just as amazing in his support. I already knew he loves my mother will all of his heart and would do anything for her, but watching them take this on together, is too adorable for words. They together are just one big warm fuzzy of happiness. 

Last week, despite all the craziness and turmoil in my life, Mom got the results from her mammogram. All clear. That's right. All clear. My first thought was "Suck it cancer, suck it." I fully admit I cried tears of happiness. She has her last chemo appointment on Wednesday of this week. Although cancer can always come back, it feels like we, as a family, can breathe and relax a little bit. It seems like we're leaving cancer in the dust. 

Against her, cancer doesn't stand a chance and needs to just keep on moving. Cancer would be crazy to even toy with the idea of returning to Mom's body because I think she has, yet again, proven to be invincible.  


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