Time to plan a party

It is party time. Actually it is party planning time. March will mark 25 (!!!) years since I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. 

It is crazy to think how much things have changed between 1990 and 2015. Oh yes, there absolutely will be a future blog post with a trip down memory lane. 

Although diabetes was never considered a death sentence, back when I was diagnosed, the doctor made it clear my life expectancy would be far shorter than my peers without diabetes. Obviously, these days, those with diabetes can expect to live just as long if not longer but to have been told that as a girl in second grade -- a little terrifying. But with where things are today with advancements, improved care, etc., I'm sticking my tongue out at the way of thinking from 1990. Ha! It was wrong. Just as the thinking in 1980 was wrong. 

Back to the main point of this post though is 25 years is a big deal. For pretty much anything -- wedding anniversaries, work anniversaries, birthdays (lower car insurance!), etc. And although I'd rather not have diabetes, it has taught me a lot and has shaped who I have become. And ultimately, it hasn't gotten the best of me. 

So, I want to celebrate. Life threw me one huge curve ball with this diagnosis but it didn't completely derail me. And really, who is one to turn down a reason to celebrate? Since I was diagnosed at the end of March, I have about a month to figure out how I want to celebrate. Maybe I should take a short vacation somewhere and just relax. Or tackle something on my bucket list (skydive?). 

I'm not sure how I'll celebrate or ultimately if I even will (it may turn into just taking myself out for a nice meal). But it will be fun to brainstorm. Do any of you celebrate the big anniversaries of your diagnosis? Do you have any suggestions of how I should celebrate?


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