Stitch Fix number nine

Wow! I can't believe I just received my ninth Stitch Fix. I had just as much excitement seeing it on my front porch that I did when my very first fix arrived. With this fix, I didn't request anything in particular, unless you count asking for Kim (my favorite stylist) again. I did mention in my note that I had been in a funk so anything to get me out of it would be appreciated. As in something fun or different or colorful or something she knew I would fall in love with. 

As always, Kim succeed. She obviously knows I a) love dresses and b) have a weakness for polka dots. Item number one in the box was the Kensie Knox Polka Dot Dress: 
It has more of a casual vibe to it but with the right shoes and jewelry, it can definitely be dressed up. It is a beautiful mint green which nearly perfectly matches the color of Stitch Fix's logo. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not. The polka dots aren't typical polka dots (you know -- a completely differently color than what the garment is such as a blue dress with white polka dots). The really fun part of the dress is this detail on the chest: 

Thankfully you don't have to unbutton/button all of them to get dressed. So, the verdict? Keep. (I will have to take it to the tailor though to take in the top/shoulder area).

The second item in the box was the Palo Collared Blouse by Staccato. Okay, so Kim can't be perfect. 

My first thought when I pulled it from the box was "Well, I'm in Oklahoma, I guess I'll be ready for rodeo now." Since my rule is to try everything on before deciding against something, I did try it on. It didn't fit me very well -- which tends to happen with button up shirts. Seriously, not sure why but that style of shirt just does not work with my body. This shirt was quite sheer but thankfully was sent with a white cami. The verdict? Send back. 

Item number three in the box was this Daniel Rainn Vivienne Floral Print Sleeveless Blouse: 

At first look, not quite my style (the floral) but the blue was so vibrant I wanted to love it and keep it. I tried it on and it wasn't too bad but it had an odd fit on my body and ended up looking a little too boxy for my liking. This shirt was sent with a matching blue cami to be worn underneath. Verdict? Send back. (I did feel a little guilty sending this one back)

The fourth item in the box was the Demi Fold Over Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag by Street Level

It is a beautiful color. Very similar to the Stitch Fix logo color and the dress sent in the box. I opened the box with my Mom via FaceTime and she loved this purse. I probably should have kept it and given it to her as a Christmas gift in 2015. I recently bought a new purse though (and the work that went into finding it was quite a bit) so I don't need a new purse. I'm horrible about changing out my purses. The other thing is I'm more of a satchel purse lady than one to use a cross body bag. Verdict: Send back. 

The last item in the box was the Woodland Scoop Neck Tee by Loveappella: 

I loved this shirt. It is a fun color and different from all of the basic fitted shirts I already own. I can see this as a staple for casual wear in my wardrobe -- with jeans, shorts or even skirts. It will also be a great piece for our family vacations to the Caribbean. The one thing I'm still unsure about is how the stripes wrap around to the bottom of the back of the shirt. 
Verdict: Keep it. 

Overall, it was a great fix. My next one will arrive in early May and I may be beyond excited for that one since Stit
ch Fix has expanded and now has petite sizes!!! The excitement I have for this is probably more than the excitement I had when The Limited announced it was going to offer petite sizes. I have no notes yet for my stylist of what I want or am looking for in my May fix so it will be a complete surprise unless something changes and I need to request something. 

If you liked my review and are now interested in trying Stitch Fix, please use my referral code:

You can always sign up, complete your profile and but not order a fix until you are ready. And if you are still unsure, go through my blog archive. There is a post for each of my previous fixes. 


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