25 years and counting

Wow! Time flies! Sunday, March 29 marked 25 years since I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I still remember most of the day (but not all of it). It is hard to believe it has already been 25 years. When I was diagnosed I remember the expectant life of someone with diabetes wash incredibly short. And here I am 25 years later thriving. Who would have thought. 

So how did I celebrate? 

I celebrated a little bit early by taking a trip to Phoenix, which was incredible. I'll blog later this week about the trip. I had hoped to go skydiving but unfortunately the times available didn't work with my schedule. Maybe for diaversary number 30. I returned from Phoenix on Saturday. 

The actual day of my 25th diaversary was spent fulfilling my duties as an adviser for my sorority. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with those ladies. When I returned to the city, I picked Rocky up at Camp Bow Wow and dropped him off at home so I could run out and grab dinner. I celebrated with Chinese food. I rarely eat Chinese food. It has probably been nearly a year since I previously ate it. It was delicious! 

The festivities continued as I took part in the weekly #dsma chat on Twittter and received very kind messages from my diabetic peers. My celebrated ended on Thursday and ended with a bang. 

On Thursday, UPS delivered a package to my door. As they were handing it to me, Rocky snuck out the front door and ran wild. It took us several minutes to round him up and get him back into the house. What a little stinker. Rocky and I opened the package and inside was this beautiful item: 

Eli Lilly sent me Diabetes Journey Award 25-year Medal. It is just a small little token but who am I to say no to a some bling? Eli Lilly certainly doesn't have to send these medals but considering how much of their medicine I've used in my efforts to stay alive, the medal is appreciated. The medal, to me, implies they get it. They understand how difficult this disease can be. 

So, that is how I celebrated my diaversary. Not too shabby. As I said in regards to receiving my medal...I'm hopeful there is a cure before I qualify for the 50-year medal. 


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