Stitch Fix says "Go Bears!"

Life is good. I received my 12th Stitch Fix a few weeks ago. It arrived the same day I started my new job. Talk about perfect timing. As usual, I requested the same stylist. If she ever leaves Stitch Fix I will be destroyed. When I scheduled this fix, I didn't have anything I needed. I just sent a note about how I miss getting skirts and dresses and despite not wanting summer to end, was excited to see what they had to share for fall. I did have a line about being excited for football season and of course put in a "Go Chicago Bears!" and "Go Nebraska Huskers." Because obviously. Why wouldn't I? 

I never look at the items in the box until I've read the card. As I read my stylist's note, I became more and more excited. The note proves she not only gets me but may be my soulmate. To quote the first three sentences: 
"Hey Kristin! How excited are you that it's football season again? I've sent some pieces that will help you stay stylish while cheering the Chicago Bears as I see you mentioned!" 
Yep. She gets me. And she even acknowledged my Huskers at the end of the note. So, what did she send? 

Item 1: Christiana Pencil Skirt by Margaret M

I'm a sucker for pencil skirts. And nearly all of my skirts are black so already this one was in the like pile. And then I tried it on. Glory be! It has no zipper. Talk about comfort. I really like the pattern on the skirt. When I tried it on, not only did I feel comfortable in it but I felt good about myself in it. OH! And it is a petite size skirt! Verdict: Keep! Side note: I absolutely wore it a few days later to work. 

Item 2: Reve Aline Dress by Olive & Oak

This dress looks like it could be itchy or not flattering to my body but it was soft, comfortable and looked good on my body. And it hid my pump when it is hooked on my undergarments rather than created a big bulge on my side. Once I tried it on, I became a littler sad because I'm going to have to wait quite awhile for the weather to cool down here so I can pair it with some knee high boots. For the first time ever, I was, for a split second, anxious for winter. Verdict: Keep! 

Item 3: Lizzy Colorblock Striped Sweater by 41Hawthorn

Hey Bears! I now need to get to Chicago to watch a game in person so I can wear this sweater to Soldier Field. Again, one might think it would be itchy but it was one of the softest sweaters I've tried on. Not a huge fan about the horizontal stripes but they didn't make me look hideous. This will not only be a great alternative to my Jay Cutler jersey (don't is the diabetes connection) but will also look great for casual Fridays and just going out with friends. Verdict: Keep! 

Item 4: Kian Faux Wrap Dress by Donna Morgan

To be honest, this dress scared me. Not because of the print, which I love but because of the style being a wrap dress. These dresses can not be the easiest for my body. If you question how "special" my body is, go chat with my tailor here who will just repeat over and over, "Kristin has a very, very special body." Nearly everything must be altered. It is a fact of life I have come to accept. Anyway, back to the dress. I was also apprehensive because it is a size smaller than I normally get and a petite size. When ordering petite sizes, you usually have to go up a size. So if I were normally a 4, I'd need to order a 6P to fit correctly. I was already in love with the dress because of the print. It kind of looks like paint splotches. I tried it on and stayed in love with it. It magically worked with my body and looked as good on me as I felt in it. And this dress makes me as anxious for fall as anxious as the other dress has me for winter. Verdict: Keep!

Item 5: Edison Chevron and Stud Bracelet Set by Romolo

Again...Go BEARS! I'm not a fan of having things on my wrists. I never wear a watch. I'm honestly not even a big fan of jewelry. But these are fun and bright. And they were the first thing I looked at from the box. I couldn't justify sending them back. Verdict: Keep! Side note: I wore them with the blue pencil skirt and a dressy white shirt to work. 

For only the second time, I've kept all five things from my fix. My stylist continues to knock it out of the park. I'm not sure what to ask for in my next fix. Perhaps items for our Caribbean vacation although last year the stuff wasn't that great. I need to check and see who the stylist was with those things. It has been a few weeks since I received this fix and I truly am still smiling so much when I think about how wonderful it was and how much I loved what was sent to me. I'm anxious to wear the dresses and sweater. 

If you haven't signed up for Stitch Fix, please use my referral code here. When you order your first fix, I'll receive a credit to use towards my next fix. And I'll love you forever for that. 


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