Stich Fix to the rescue

I am slacking on the blogging. I have so much I want to say and share and yet I'm hustling and bustling with everyday life I sometimes wonder how I'm keeping my head above water. 

Stitch Fix number 15 arrived at the end of January. I requested my go-to stylist and she did not disappoint. I would love to share her name but out of fear too many people will request her and then she won't be able to style me, I'm going to be selfish and not share her name. Sorry. 

I requested only tops for this fix, particularly winter friendly tops which aren't bulky. I love buying skirts but often find myself without appropriate tops for them. Same with pants. Looking in my closet, most of my tops are more appropriate for late spring, summer and early fall. I began writing this post shortly after I received my and it was winterish weather where I live. As I completely this post, it is now spring weather with upper 60s and low 70s. Thankfully nothing I was sent were heavy tops. So, here is what was in box number 15. 

Item 1: Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater by Market & Spruce 

This was the first item I saw in the box and as soon as I touched it I was in love. It is beyond soft. It isn't a heavy bulky sweater which is perfect since I live in the south.I didn't notice the elbow patches right away. They are definitely not something I would normally be drawn to. I tried the sweater on and loved it. It works great with jeans or a skirt if I want to wear it to work. Verdict: Keep 

Item 2: Aryana Mesh Back Knit Top by Loveappella

As I pulled this top out of the box, I grew excited. It has an edge to it. Not quite my style yet it fits my personality. I knew it would be a keeper. The only downside is I need to wear a strapless bra and no matter how skinny/tiny you are, those bras are  evil and cause extra blobs of back fat/fat rolls around the band of the bra. Seriously. They are evil. I hate them. I'm not brave enough to wear this to work but it is perfect for weekends and nights out. Verdict: Keep 

Item 3: Berneen Printed Dolman Knit Top by Market & Spruce 

This is the first fix, at least of what I can recall, which has included the Market & Spruce brand. At first glance, I liked this shirt, particularly the pattern. Not completely my style but enough of my style to make it work. I tried this on late at night and I fully admit to not having the greatest lighting in my home so until I went to check out I thought it was black and white. Nope. It is navy, not black. That causes a few issues with what I wanted to wear it with but I can make it work with other items. Verdict: Keep 

At this point I was in love with three of the five items. Did my stylist hit another home run? 

Item 4: Calhun Wide Lace Trim Knit Top by Papermoon

This top is cute. It fits nicely. It is perfect for work. Not my style for when I'm out with friends though. Honestly, not completely my style. I'm not sure if it is the lace or the sleeves or a combination of both. I waited until the last moment to make a decision on my fix. As it sat in the box with everything else, it continued to grow on me. I decided to keep it because perhaps it will continue to grow on me. I have yet to wear it but have challenged myself to wear it within the next two weeks. Wish me luck! Verdict: Keep 

Item 5: Celso Mesh Detail Knit Top by Loveappella 

This top resulted in a true facepalm moment. I am not and never have been a big floral person. Same with lace. Although I can be pretty girly, I'm not overly girly. Nearly every fix includes a floral item. And every time I mention when I return it I'm not a floral person. I love and adore my stylist but I'm not sure what her reasoning/motive/plan is with all the floral. I told her I'd add to my pinterest board all the floral items I have in my closet. Guess how many I have? Three! Only three! I took pictures and need to add them to my board before my next fix. It is a nice shirt. There is nothing horrible about it, it just isn't me. Even my mom said so. 

As I reviewed my fix and prepared to check out I was faced with a conundrum. Do I keep the floral shirt or return it? It wasn't horribly expensive but would I wear it? If I keep all five I'd receive the 25 percent discount. Looking at the discount it covered the floral shirt and three-fourths of the cost of the lace shirt, which was growing on me. What to do? I ultimately decided to keep the floral shirt in hopes it too will grow on me. Only time will tell. Verdict: Keep 

So, this was fix number 15. I think I am officially a loyal customer of Stitch Fix. If my stylist ever leaves, I will be in shambles. I already struggle with changes. I need to determine what to request in fix number 16 at the end of March. Also? How can we already be thinking of the end of March? Time is flying far too quickly for me. 

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