The nitty gritty

Without a solid foundation, a house will eventually collapse. A sports team will likely be unsuccessful without a solid plan. For this blog to be successful, at least successful to me, it needs to have a plan. Yet, my plan isn't really a plan. Not in the sense of all the strategic plans I've created in my professional career. I have a plan but there is a lot of wiggle room to it. 

My plan for this blog you ask? Simple. I plan to blog about life in general. More specifically, my life. Even more specific -- my life as a Type 1 diabetic (T1D). Here is the catch though, diabetes does not define me. It is just a part of who I am, just like my curly hair. Realistically, it is a large part of me. And every aspect of my daily life impacts it. A day that is filled with stress or excitement can wreck havoc on my blood sugars. I've had diabetes since 1990 when I was 8. In the nearly 24 years, I still battle with myself on accepting it. Everything is finally clicking together in my mind finally though and that is a good thing. I'm hitting the reset button on my diabetes and I'm excited about it. I hope this blog will, in someway, help me on this journey. Perhaps it will help educate others about diabetes. Perhaps connections will be made with other diabetics that I can learn from. 

Back to the blog though, I mentioned blogging about my life. What does that entail? Well, I am an avid fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Chicago Bears. There is a chance during the fall you'll see a post or two about the Cornhuskers, Bears or football in general. For the record, I prefer college over professional. I enjoy cooking and baking. I don't eat much of it but I find the process to be relaxing. My friends enjoy reaping the rewards of this. I have a hunch there will be several posts on my attempts at new recipes. I have more cookbooks than I should and some I've never made a single recipe from. Perhaps as I attempt to tackle a new recipe or cookbook, I'll share the recipe and results with you. I have a long hair chihuahua named Rocky who is my entire world. There may be a post or two about him. Other life stuff -- family, holidays, my professional career (in small doses). 

As I said, there is a lot of wiggle room here. There will probably be quite a few posts without a single mention of diabetes but that is the thing, you don't always have to mention it, but it is always, always there. Maybe no one will read this blog, which would make me a little sad, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter. This is selfish, but this blog will help me hold myself accountable. Even if there are no readers, I'm putting this stuff out there so there is no option for not following through on things. 

There you have it. The nitty gritty of Mischievous Kristin. I'm sure I'll share a story or two of my mischief. It would only be fair. 


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