Dazed and confused but alive

I'm not quite sure what happened this morning as I drove to work. As I sit here at work, while I work, I continue to try to piece everything together and determine what happened.

What I do know is I was low when I tested for breakfast this morning and proceeded to scarf down a bowl of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. I know, I know, living on the wild side. I got in my car and proceeded to drive to work. And that is when things become fuzzy. I've taken the same route for over a year now. And thinking back now, I recall it going from a four lane road (two lanes each way) to a two lane road (one lane each way) that was almost country like. I remember coming to a road blocked off with construction barriers that I thought I normally drive on and being rerouted and rerouted and rerouted to the point I had no clue where I was. And then I hit something. And my car stopped. On the Interstate. And a big truck behind me helped me out and some construction workers helped him. And I had flat tire. So they put my spare on. And I took the next exit and found my way to a 7-11. One of them followed me to make sure I was okay. I was beyond confused. But gathered myself and plugged in my work address into my TomTom and was on my way. But how the heck did I get onto that Interstate which is NOT one I ever take on my way to work. And I was in a suburb to the west of the city.


They asked several times if I had a seizure. The thought of that terrifies me. I'm confident I didn't. I'm confident that my blood sugar dramatically dropped instead of raising after breakfast. I know that when I got out of my car so they could get in and help me, my flip flops were on the wrong feet. So confused. 

I really do not know what happened. I'm terrified to know what happened. This is more proof I have a team of guardian angels watching over me. Watching very closely. If I could send them a thank you basket of goodies, I absolutely would. 

My car now has a donut, which the gentlemen commented was a darn good, impressive donut. So thanks Toyota! I have an appointment to go get a new tire after work. Buh bye money. I'm confident they'll need to fix the wheel alignment as well. Fingers crossed nothing else is wrong with my car. 

I'm also kicking myself at the moment because I chose yesterday not to put in a new CGM because the last sensor was being ridiculous, restarting and claiming I wasn't calibrating when I was and losing the sensor. I thought I'd take a week off. I cannot wait to get home and stick that new sensor in me. I'm not sure if having a sensor in would have prevented whatever happened from happening but it most likely wouldn't have hurt to have it in. Live and learn I suppose. I'm just thankful I can say I've lived AND learned.  

I really don't know what happened. As I sit here in my office chair, I'm nearly paralyzed at the thought of getting in my car to drive to the auto shop after work. Perhaps I can train my dog to drive my car, a la Toonces the driving cat. This occurrence is yet another reminder of why, as comfortable as I am being independent and single, I crave to have someone I can lean on, to not feel so alone and hopeless when scary crap like this happens. 

If you've read my blog before, you know I try to be positive and happy. But sometimes, you just can't hide the scary sides of diabetes. Or health in general. I just hope nothing like this happens anytime soon so I can get back to happier posts, especially since I've been working on one for a week or two for Wednesday. I also hope stuff like this never happens to any of you. 

***Update: I spent almost four hours at the mechanic getting new tires and having my alignment fixed. It was awkward when they asked what happened and I had to explain that I wasn't sure. When I finally returned home, I turned the corner and saw that my garage door was STILL open. I turned off my car and frantically ran inside. PHEW. Rocky was safe and no one robbed my home. Just more proof that I have guardian angels watching over me. This morning I successfully locked up my house and drove to work where I made it in one piece without any detours although I was terrified the entire time I was driving.  


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