A tiny accomplishment

Sunday was an exciting day although I didn't realize it at first. 

No one would argue 2012 was a difficult year for me. Seriously. Two separate weeks in the hospital, moving 800+ miles, my Grandmother passing away. I'm confident other things occurred as well but those were the big ones. 

Sunday. Sunday marked my anniversary of being discharged from my last hospitalization. The one where I was in a near coma, where I rocked a catheter, where the I apparently tried to convince my hospitalist that my dog was the greatest dog ever...which he is. It is good to know that even when I'm completely out of it I'm still bragging about the awesomeness of Rocky

And when I realized I hadn't been a patient in a hospital...I danced.


To me, after two stays in one year withing six months, not being a patient in the hospital is a big deal. Since the brilliant doctors determined during the last stay I was allergic to the medicine the previous doctors put me on, as in deathly allergic, I think I'm in the safe zone from returning to the hospital. *knocks on wood* 

I'm doing what I can to stay away from hospitals, minus my checkups since my doctors' offices are there. Two years down, many more to go, but it is certainly possible to accomplish. 

And mark your calendars for July 13, 2022 because we'll be having one huge ass celebration for ten years. Make sure you wear your tutus and be prepared to dance.


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