The eighth Stitch Fix box

My eight Stitch Fix box arrived this past week and was met with just as much excitement as my first one. Before evening opening it I spent a few minutes thinking how I really need a higher paying job so I can afford a box each month instead of every other month. Yep, I'm addicted. Again, I love fashion but I hate going shopping. The only time I enjoyed it was when I was rocking sizes 00 and 0 and even some items in those sizes were too big. I'm not hanging out in those sizes anymore but the benefit is I'm healthy as can be. Yay! For me, going into the mall or stand-alone stores is pure torture. I feel judged. Lighting isn't the best. And the sales associates get annoyed with me because I'm not the fastest at trying things on given I have to work around an insulin pump attached to me. There is one boutique in my city that I absolutely love. The sales associates are beyond nice, they remember me and are just fun to work with when finding clothes. Otherwise, I prefer to shop online. Unless it is for shoes and then being in the store is a must. But shoe shopping is not torture like clothes shopping. 

So, box number eight! In my note to the stylist I requested one of my previous stylists who had sent a very successful box. And Stitch Fix delivered. I had Kim again. Life was good again. Kim gets my style but is also willing to push me out of my comfort zone a little but not too much. I asked in my checkout note if I could always have Kim. I also put it in my note to the stylist for my next box. Seriously, if Kim leaves Stitch Fix I may be screwed. 

Besides requesting Kim, I also requested another pair of Just Black skinny jeans because I love the pair they previously sent and they fit perfectly. Granted, I sent this request before I visited my local boutique and walked away with an amazing pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans and a pair of fabulous Cookie Johnson jeans. Both were a pretty penny but considering the number of times I'm wearing them, absolutely justifiable. Plus, I know have three amazing pairs of jeans. Yay! 

So, what did my box contain? At first glance before trying anything on, I was in love with the box.

Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean by Just Black

These jeans are the same brand and size Stitch Fix previously sent. In the store or online shopping would have never even thought of trying on jeans with the zippered embellishment. But seeing them in person, I was game for trying them on. So I did. And immediately knew I would need to send them back. Despite being the same brand and size as my other jeans which fit perfectly, these did not fit the waist very well. That is all I will say on that. I did like the style and would not be opposed to trying another pair though. Verdict: Regrettably sent back

Georgia Crew Neck Raglan Sweater by 41Hawthorn

This sweater looked great in the box. When I tried it on it was a little too large for my petite frame and there was an odd dark strip down the side. It also wasn't the softest material. It was cute and I wanted to love it but I didn't. It would have hung in my closet and only worn when I had no other options. I couldn't see myself thinking of it as a must wear item when I plan outfits in advance for those rare occurrences of dates and what not. Verdict: Sent back

Anders Heart Print Split Neck Blouse by Daniel Rainn

First, I loved the blue. Such a rich blue. It came with a matching blue camisole to wear underneath which was great. It is a loose fit and a little larger than I would prefer but it still looked nice. It will be perfect in spring and summer and even early fall. I think it could easily become a favorite shirt of mine. Verdict: Kept

Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress by 41Hawthorn

If you've followed any of my previous Stitch Fix focused posts, you should know by now I love dresses. The picture of the dress does not do the color justice. It is just beautiful. It is a soft material and hugs the body but not too much. The dress is simple but with the right accessories can be dressed up or down depending on the need. Depending on the accessories as well, it can be worn year round. Verdict: Kept. Obviously.

Lorena Hammered Square Collar Necklace by Zad

I liked this necklace. Very shiny silver, simple yet unique and fun. However, I just haven't been wearing much jewelry these days. If I was in the habit of wearing jewelry every day and changing it up, I'd love this for my collection. But when I haven't worn a necklace for months, I couldn't justify it.  Verdict: Sent back

In my checkout, I informed Kim about how I liked the necklace just haven't been wearing jewelry much lately so I couldn't justify it. I also told her how I really loved everything at first sight but some fits were just off unfortunately. I then informed her how my tailor loves to tell me how I have a very special, special body as in clothing never quite fits as it should. HaHaHa. I was so thrilled to have Kim as my stylist again. I hope she isn't disappointed I returned three of the five items. I also hope she doesn't feel like she did an inadequate job because she did an amazing job.

So that was fix number eight. Fix number nine is scheduled for March. 

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***Just a side note — you can click on the pictures to make them larger. :) 


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