Stitch Fix #3

My third Stitch Fix box arrived on Friday, May 30. What a great way to start off the weekend!

When I signed up for this fix I only requested a possible denim skirt. I have one but it is of the pencil skirt style. I like it but would enjoy a second, more casual style. I also mentioned in my note to the stylist that I loved the previous necklace they sent so I'd love something fun again in the jewelry department. Otherwise, I told them to surprise me. 

And surprise me they did! In the note from my stylist they didn't have any jean skirts at the moment so she wasn't able to provide me one. A tiny bit disappointed but not heartbroken. 

Let's get to what they did send me though because really, that is what matters. 

Piece #1: C.Luce Lucille Eyelet & Embroidery Detailed Tank

I wasn't sure about this piece. It certainly isn't my typical style and isn't something I would have even thought about trying on in the store. But Stitch Fix is teaching my to be more open-minded. So I tried it on. It is sheer so I had to put a black camisole on underneath. With the camisole on under it, it was a little tighter than I would like but not uncomfortable. It actually looked quite flattering. One of the suggestions is to pair it with white pants, a denim jacket and gladiator sandals. I may have to head to the mall soon and buy some white shorts and possibly some gladiator sandals. Because that, that is my style. When it came time to make a decision, this shirt was put in the maybe pile. 

Piece #2: 41Hawthorn Ernesto Striped Fitted Dress

Loved it on first sight! I definitely need to find some statement necklace to go with it. It will work great with my denim jacket or a white cardigan. One thing I love about this dress is the material. It reminded me of a terry cloth robe. So soft! It looked good on but it looked a million times better with too large Spanx. Ha! Decision on this dress was to place it in the keep pile. 

Piece #3: Under Skies Olivina Hooded Slub Knit Cardigan

At first glance I wasn't so sure about this. Looking at the style card, I got it and immediate thought of many, many pieces in my wardrobe it would work with. It fits my style as I'm always cold and I'm not a fan of showing bare arms, especially at work. I tried it on and it was so soft and cozy. It wasn't too big for my petite frame which I was worried about. This was an easy decision. Into the keep pile it went. 

Piece #4: Pixley Norris Clover Long Layering Necklace

This is a simple necklace. It can be worn as a long chain or layered twice. Just looking at it in the box I knew I'd keep it. So into the keep pile it went. I'm actually wearing it to work today with my black and white dress from my previous Stitch Fix box. If they sold shoes, it wouldn't surprise me to eventually be wearing nothing but things from Stitch Fix. 

Piece #5: Just Black Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jean

 My first thought when I saw they sent me not only jeans but skinny jeans was "You have got to be kidding me?!" Seriously. Jeans are the worst thing ever. And skinny jeans. Those are what nightmares are made of. But, keeping my promise to at least try everything on and not immediately throw items into the return pile, I tried them on. And about collapsed. From pure shock. Utter, pure shock. The jeans fit. And they looked good. In fact, if I'm honest, they fit and look better on me than jeans I have bought on my own in the stores. Talk about crazy. The only downside is they are not petite length. They bunch up at the ankle but not too much. I don't think it looks bad. If a lot of you disagree I can always get them hemmed, right? Mad props to Stitch Fix on the jeans front. I may have to request a box of just jeans options for the fall. In case you can't tell, the decision was quite easy regarding the jeans. In they  went to the keep pile. 

So, I had four items in the keep pile and one item in the maybe pile. If I buy all five items, I receive a 25% discount, which is more than what the shirt costs. Plus, I have a $25 referral credit. 

With all that in mind, I've decided to keep all five items. As I prepared for Monday at work, I sat on my sofa and stared at the box. I couldn't decide what I wanted to wear to work this morning. Decisions are getting hard around here. I want to wear it all. And wear it all this very moment. That, however, would not look stylish. 

All that is left is to complete the form on the Stitch Fix site and provide feedback on each item and let them know I will not be returning any item. And obviously sign up for my next fix. I've decided I'm going to receive one every other month. Watch. In a few months I'll have changed to every month. I'm also hoping I can schedule all my Stitch Fixes to arrive on a Friday because then you have the weekend plus the three business days to return items you don't want. Not that it takes me that long but it is nice having a little extra time. 

If you are intrigued by Stitch Fix and want to try it out, please use my referral code: I really need all the referral credit I can get because I am truly addicted to this. 

One last thought — I'm sorry for the poor quality of pictures.


  1. I found your post via a google search. I had to comment because your comments about skinny jeans made me laugh. I used to feel the same way about skinny jeans until I bought my first pair 2 years ago...I can no longer wear non-skinny jeans! LOL

  2. How do you like the Just Black Jimmy Jeans? I just got them in my Fix and I want to know how they wear and if they stretch out too quickly. Thanks!

  3. Hi Allison! I'm so sorry I didn't respond sooner -- I've been on vacation. I love the Just Black Jimmy Jeans. They already have a little stretch to them which I think is fantastic. I usually wear them three times before washing and they never seem too baggy like other jeans by the time I wash them. There are some jeans that after wearing once or twice begin to fall down and just look not so great -- these are not like that. I wore them constantly in the winter and they are still in amazing shape and still look pretty new. I hope you kept them from you fix (as long as they fitted you). Let me know if you kept them and your thoughts after wearing them around town.

    1. That is so good to hear! I kept them so I cannot wait to try them out. I like that they have some stretch to begin with but I have a similar pair that always seems to stretch out and sag too quickly, glad to hear that that is not the case with the Just Black Jeans. Thanks for the reply!


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