90 days accomplished

Well kids, this afternoon marks 90 days since I attached my insulin pump to me. Seriously? 90 days?! It seems like it has been much, much longer because it just seems natural to have this thing hooked to me. While I remember life before the pump, I can't fathom not sleeping with it. 

My friend made the comment that it seems like just yesterday I got "up and pumping." He is kind of right considering I have years and years ahead of this. Although my pump seems normal to me and it feels like I've had it much longer, I agree, it also seems like I just started. Probably because I'm still learning all of the tricks of the trade and even functions itself on the pump. 

For example, last month I finally learned about and used the temp basal rate. My mind was nearly blown. 

Despite having read all of the training materials, there is so much more to learn from my peers who also pump. Things they've learned along the way. I'm  ready to absorb all the information they have to share with me. 

In the meantime, for someone who was quite apprehensive, scared, worried, stressed and unsure about switching to the pump, it's turning out to be a pretty good decision. There have been some ups and downs with adapting to the changes and as much as I hate having things attached to me, the benefits far outweigh these perceived negatives. 

Wow! 90 days with my pump. Here is to many, many more (although I'd gladly give it up for a cure) days with it. 


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