If fashion is a drug, I've found my dealer...

At the start of the year, while I was conducting my daily media tracking as part of my job, I noticed an online ad in the top corner. An ad for Stitch Fix. The name itself was quite intriguing, so I did what I never do, I clicked on the online ad. The ad brought me to the Stitch Fix website where I was able to learn what exactly this business was. 

Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription box. They seem to be all the rage right now. There is BarkBox (I just received a one-month trial of it for Rocky - Awesome!), there is Bulu Box (ran by my college classmates at Nebraska!) and so many other subscription boxes. The concept is pretty basic -- you pay each month and in return you are sent a box each month with items connected to the box theme, i.e. dog stuff in BarkBox, nutritional items in Bulu Box. It is a great way to try and find new items. 

What I liked discovering in researching Stitch Fix is you don't have to pay/receive a box each month. You can request your Fix as often or as little as you want. That to me is a huge mark in the positive column. Especially since this box focuses on fashion, something that you might not always want or need new items. Eh, who am I kidding, you always want new items but sometimes your bank account says otherwise. 

When you sign up in the Stitch Fix system, you are not automatically signing up to receive a fix. You are just creating your profile so then you can, should you want to, order your fix. To create your profile, you answer quite the in-depth questionnaire about your style, tastes, sizes, etc. You are also encouraged to provide a link to your LinkedIn profile and a specific Pinterest board. They gather mounds of information on you, but it makes sense because they want you to receive a fix that fits who you are. 

Each member receiving a fix has a personal stylist who reads your profile and creates a personalized fix for you. Yes, others are probably getting the same items that you did but everyone is not getting the exact same five things. Again, a positive. 

The cost is $20 for each fix. Pretty reasonable. You do have to pay for whatever items from your fix you keep but the $20 you already paid is credited towards that amount. So the only way you are out money is if you send all five items back, which I just can't comprehend doing. If you choose to keep all five items, you get a 25 percent discount on all the items. When you receive your fix, you then have three days to return the items you don't want. They provide an envelope with postage already paid for the return. 

So, that is the rundown of Stitch Fix. Now, let's get to the good stuff. What I got in my first fix! I received this wonderful note with my fix: 

It made me even more excited to open up the rest of the fix and see everything. Included with that note were these cards providing me with styling suggestions. 

Yes please! I fully admit I lack confidence in putting together looks, so I truly value these cards that came with the pieces I was sent.

The first item is a Riviera Sun Rays Necklace: 

I would have eyed this in a store, potentially touched it but would have never bought it on my own. It isn't that I don't like it, because I actually love it, but it's just different from my basic, simple jewelry and I would have no idea what to wear with it. So the verdict -- KEEP! 

The second item is the Bixby Ladder Print 3/4 sleeve blouse: 

I really like this shirt. It is similar coloring and material to a dress I already own (and love). I probably wouldn't have tried it on in a store without gentle prodding from a salesperson. I tried it on and it was a little too snug in the chest area. I really want to keep it, but it will probably be returned tomorrow.

Size exchanges are extremely rare according to the FAQ on their website, but I did contact them about potentially getting a larger size. We'll have to wait and see. The verdict -- TBD. 

The third item in my fix is the Barcelona Solid Silk Short Sleeve Blouse:

Wow! Pure silk. Very nice. I love the color of the green but am not a fan, at least currently, of sleeveless shirts. They say it is short sleeve but to me, it isn't. I haven't made my final decision on this piece yet. I'm 95 percent likely to return it but want to see if it matches a new green/blue chevron skirt I got from the Limited. Verdict -- TBD but likely to be returned. 

The fourth item is the Claire Polka Dot Swing Skirt: 
Just reading about it in the note I was sent, I couldn't wait to try it on. My stylist mentioned it matched a skirt I had pinned on my Pinterest board. I went back and looked at my board and wow -- I love lots of polka dot items pinned. I obviously love polka dots. And it is a skirt, which I love. I tried it on and it was way too snug. I might try it on again tonight with some super strength spanx. I did ask about exchanging it for a larger size because I love it and don't want to return it. It is a little long for my petite frame but not horribly so. Verdict -- TBD but hopefully will keep. 

The last item in my fix was the Aster Geo Print Belted Tabsleeve Shirtdress:

I love this dress! Even before I tried it on. I already have two other shirt dresses in my closet but those are more "stiff." This is more like an actual shirt that you've turned into a dress. I love how it fits and am excited to try out the styling suggestions I was given. Again, it's an item I probably wouldn't have picked out on my own, maybe after looking at it about a hundred times in the store I'd try it on but that is because I just lack so much confidence in selecting clothes and styling looks for myself. That is probably why I already love Stitch Fix. They are finding me pieces I would probably never select on my own without help but the pieces fit my style and I love them. Stitch Fix is providing me the gentle prodding I tend to need. Verdict -- KEEP! 

So, those are the pieces that were in my first, and certainly not my last, fix. The prices ranged between $30 and $80. Not bad for me and pretty average of what I usually spend. I appreciate how my stylist took into consideration what I said and just seemed to get me. I did ask when I ordered my fix for them to try to find me a small pair of aviator sunglasses because I really want a pair but with my small face, the ones you find in stores tend to cover at least half of my face. I'm a little sad they weren't able to find a pair but I'll survive. 

My overall verdict on Stitch Fix is -- I love it! I have a hunch I'll probably get a fix at least once a quarter if not every other month.

If you are interested in Stitch Fix, please use my referral link below because if you use that, when you have your first fix shipped, I'll receive credit, which I obviously am going to need. :) 


And wonderful readers, if you know where I can get some amazing, smaller aviator sunglasses, please let me know. Also, considering I'm at times quite hopeless in regards to fashion, please leave style suggestions below. I love learning from you all!


  1. I haven't seen any ads for Stitch Fix, but now I am intrigued! Thanks for the intel, Kristin -- will check it out to see if they have suggestions for women of -- ahem -- a certain age ... :)


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