Seven days later and my jaw is still on the floor

7 days ago I had yet another checkup with my endrocrinologist. I knew we would be drawing blood to test my a1c since we hadn't tested it since October. In October, my a1c was nearly 15. As in danger danger danger!

Full confession -- I haven't been a great diabetic although everyone thinks I am because I play the "fake it until you make it" game. Now though...I think I'm finally making it and not faking it.  

Going into my appointment, I was apprehensive. Not scared but definitely nervous. It had been just over three months since I started on the pump and had been seeing much better control and numbers since I started the pump. But I had a couple bad highs from bad infusion sites, being sick for a week and a threshold suspend of my basal while I slept. I was assuming my a1c would improve but because of those highs it wouldn't improve much. 

I went in with low expectations. I just didn't want to be disappointed in myself which would cause frustration and potentially a relapse to my bad diabetes care management habits. So I set my a1c goal to be single digits. I just wanted to be below 10. Heck, I'd be thrilled about a 9.9. 

At my endrocrinologist's office, they have the technology to get your a1c from a finger poke. Yes, it is more blood than what I use to test my blood sugar but it is still a million times better than going to the lab to have blood drawn from my arm. Every lab I've gone to struggles to find my teeny, tiny vains. The last MRI I had where they had to put something in my veins for coloring, it took them 45 minutes to get the IV in. They even had to page an "IV expert" to come to the lab for help. I kid you not. So anytime I can avoid the lab, I'm quite happy. 

So, they take the blood from my finger and by the time my endrocrinologist comes into the room, they have my a1c.

My endrocrinologist came into the room with a med student, who was actually the GP I've seen the past year. Obviously I had no issues with her staying because she too, like my endro, is absolutely awesome. The endro starts going over the numbers downloaded from my pump and CGM, making observations and then she drops the bombshell on me. 

"You're doing really good. We just need to get your morning sugars down. Oh, and your a1c is 6.8."

Uh, say what?! My response "Serious? No way. Really?" 

And she showed me the paperwork. Holy moly. It read 6.8! And yes, I may have wanted to release a couple tears of happiness at that moment, but I waited until I got to my car...after having to visit the lab for blood work for other tests. Womp womp. I wasted no time in texting my family while I was in the lab since I couldn't call. I then called as I drove to work. I could barely sit still in my car. And yes, I used my bluetooth, hands free option on my phone. 

I completely blew my goal of under 10 out of the water. And my a1c should improve once we get my morning sugars lowered too. 

My jaw is still on the ground from shock. I'm still filled with jubilation. My hard work is paying off and this benefit of having a great a1c makes it worthwhile of having the pump, although I'm still less than thrilled about having stuff attached to me 24/7. Now, I just need to keep up my efforts so my a1c doesn't swing back up.

And in case you were wondering: 
The American Diabetes Association recommends that people with diabetes strive for an A1C goal of less than 7%. 
Yep. Seven days later and my jaw is still on the floor. And I'm still bursting with pride. And this is just an incredible, wonderful feeling to have.


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