Stitch Fix #10

Wow! I can't believe I've had 10 Stitch Fixes already. Actually, I can believe it because Stitch Fix is amazing and slightly addictive. My tenth fix arrived the day before I left town for my sister's graduation from graduate school. Side note: I'm beyond proud of my sister for earning this degree. While the arrival date was good as I was home to receive it, it was a problem because I had to decide that night on what I wanted to keep and send back. I almost always take all three business days to decide. 

Yet again, I requested my previous stylist Kim. I only had one specific request for her -- I needed a top to wear with my amazing new pink heels. 

As I read the note Kim sent with the fix, it seemed like she had quite a bit of fun finding items to work with these shoes. I can't blame her. I have fun just staring at them. Seriously, they are currently displayed on my dresser instead of properly stored in the closet with the rest of my shoes. 

So what did Kim send? She sent three shirts, a blazer and a cardigan. With these items she provided great insight of how to style them together to create specific looks. Bonus points to her for using the word vivacious. 

Item 1: Torin French Terry Stripe Blazer by Pixley

It is a cute blazer although I wasn't overly thrilled with the stripes. However, I do love the terry cloth material. It is so soft. It fit pretty well and didn't look horrible on me but I just wasn't sold on it. I didn't fall in love with it. Verdict: Returned it

Item 2: Ivanka Sheer Detail Blouse by Fate

I tried this on with and without the blazer. Looking at it when I pulled it out of the box, I wasn't quite sure about it. After trying it on, I was sold. The sheerness (all the way around) on top gave it a fun edge to it as well as the detail on top. Although I didn't keep the blazer, I have a red blazer I'm anxious to pair it with. Verdict: Kept it 

Item 3: Charles Embroidered Trim Blouse by Fun2Fun

I was in love with this top before I even tried it on. How can you not love a bright, fun colored top? And it is nearly identical pink to my shoes. I appreciate it has some floral detailing on the bottom which gives it a different look from an everyday top but it isn't too girly. (Despite what you may assume about me I'm not the most girly girl). I tried this on with and without the cardigan (see item 4). Before I even tried it on I knew I would keep it. Verdict: Kept it 

Another side note: I wore this on my trip with my favorite pair of dark skinny jeans, black ballet flats (we were going to a ball game) and my black moto jacket. I felt amazing in the outfit. So, definitely a success. 

Item 4: Lalia Sheer Cardigan by Fate

I'm all for a cardigan, especially since I'm not a fan of bare arms in the workplace. But this  cardigan? Even when just looking at it on the hanger before trying it on, I knew was a no. It just is not my style. It isn't so much the sheerness of it but more so the details, such as the texture on the bottom and where it comes together in front. I just no. When I showed it to my Mom, even she immediately said no to it. Verdict: Sent it back

Item 5: Lisben Split Neck Blouse by Skies are Blue

I wasn't sure about this shirt. Looking at it as I placed it on the hanger to take a picture I didn't hate it but I also didn't love it. Wasn't quite sure about the two different patterns. It was the last item I tried on. Since it is sheer (this seems to be quite the trend lately -- sheer tops), I placed it over a white cami. As I looked at myself in the mirror wearing it, I wasn't thrilled. It was not flattering shape wise at all. It made me look pretty boxy. Perhaps it was too big but I doubt it. It seems like this was how it is supposed to be. Verdict: Sent it back

So, that was my 10th fix. My next one isn't until July. July 3 to be exact. What a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July by indulging in another Stitch Fix. Like this time, I have no specific requests although I have a pair of shoes arriving this week in a fun color so I'll probably ask Kim to find something to work with them as well. 

As always, if you haven't signed up for Stitch Fix, please consider using my referral code. It costs nothing to sign up and complete the profile. Once you decide to order a fix, I'll be given a credit of $25 and we all know I never every penny to help feed this addiction. Make sure to let me know too what you think of your first fix! I'm always curious to hear what others think of it. 

OH! One parting thought. In my previous fix (number 9), I received a purse which I ultimately sent back. A few weeks ago I went to dinner with someone at the food truck part and as I people watched, I saw a girl with that purse. My mind was blown! I've never, ever seen someone with something I received I in a fix. I'm not complying at all. It was just humorous because although I know lots and lots of people subscribe to Stitch Fix, I like to pretend it is my little secret and no one in my area knows of it. But I also applaud this girl for being smart enough to keep the purse. 


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